Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Earthy Ceramics

I'm a big fan of ceramics and porcelains in my pieces and I'm always on the look out for new works.  I just happen to stumble across ETSY shop Butterfly Emporium who started offering these little ceramic charm sticks/slabs.  I was drawn to them for their rich color, organic textures and overall pricing.   I ended up purchasing three sets to start and all sold in just a short period of time.  They are super light in weight and all come with a wire loop.  

I love this bursting blue flow,  I just happen to have some lovely lamp-work glass caps that were some what mismatched in color, because the drops had such a variety of tones, there was no problem combining the two, ☺

Another great earthy look with more mismatched lamp work square glass beads.  Bottom pair is combined with Etched Agate rounds and porcelain spacers.

So head on over and see if there is something you cant live without,  I guarantee your gonna love em!!!

See you in a couple weeks friends, ♥
Lynn Ferro


  1. Fabulous earrings as always Lynn. I'm absolutely in love with the first pair. Such a wonderful combination.
    And thank you for introducing this artist.

  2. Love the post, luv both pairs of earrings they are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful earrings, first pair is my favourite ❤️

  4. These are so appealing Lynn, I like how your work in sets. that's the way I tend to design as well. I love the earthiness and your choices of beads here. xo Kim

  5. They are all great, Lynn, and they certainly don't have the appearance of "mismatched" anything. They simply work. Beautiful! I have been to Butterfly Emporium so many times but have yet to purchase. I do love these sticks very much. Really beautiful earrings!