Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Silver In All It's Glory _ Hoops Are For Any Day

I feel like silver doesn't really need any bead or color to be beautiful. It's quite lovely on it's own. And hoops are my personal go-to earring of choice. Different sizes for different occasions work wonderfully. 

Going to see Cheap Trick at the Amphitheater? Gimme the big swinging hoops! Going out to dinner with the family? Gimme the medium sized hoops! Going out to the grocery store and just need a little something on the ears? Gimme the tiny hoops. (I can sleep in those too!) Yes, I love hoops any time, any day. 

BTW, Cheap Trick is still fabulous in concert! 

I've had a HUGE amount of fun and immensely enjoyed this summer working on new jewelry for my shop. My big reveal is today! Finally, breathing easy for a day or two... taking a few days off, then I'll be back to it working on the next update! #ilovemyjob 

These are a few of the earrings I am offering in today's shop update: 

Big Silver Hoops_
Average Sized Hoops_

Tiny Hoops_
Of course you could wear these whenever you like! That's just my take on it!

Shop updates happening now.



  1. Love hoops!! I'm especially liking the first pair with the random wrapping at the bottom. I don't know that I've ever worn hoops that big but I sure love them!! You're right about silver, as much as I love copper and I love adding glass to my earrings these silver hoops need no help to be absolutely gorgeous all by themselves!

  2. A great selection and array of hoops Cindy. The hammered look always appeals to me and your wire wrapped ones have just the right amount of rusticity

  3. Looking at this beautiful selection of hoops you simply have to love hoops. I am particularly drawn to the second pair, so lovely. I went over to your shop, and oh my, you are such an amazing talented designer Cindy. You have a way with silver. Love your pictures as well. And I noticed, quite some pieces are sold out already. I am not surprised.

  4. I am always in awe of your work with silver. I've mentioned before that your work has been encouraging me to try out some silver. :) Next wire order, but I buy a lot of wire at a time so it hasn't happened yet, but soon! These are all amazing. And I agree that when YOU make silver hoops, they really don't need anything else. They are all so very wearable! Glad you enjoyed the concert!! :) May I ask a question? The second pair, Average ONLY in size hoops, are those made of wire? The thick hoops? What gauge would that require, or are they made from sheet? Also, your pictures are wonderful! Great post, Cindy.

    1. Thank you so much Norbel! The second pair are made from 12 gauge fine silver wire and fused. The loops are made from 18 gauge and 20 gauge I believe (without looking). I think the 12g are nice for a nice wide hammering look. That's about as thick as I go with wire for hoops but I have done 10g on occasion! :-D Enjoy! Cindy