Thursday, May 31, 2012

Floral Hoops

These beaded copper hoops were so fun to create. Shannon of MissFickleMedia crafted these fine hoops for easy embellishments. I added some lampwork glass, tagua nuts, carved bone, chain, carnelian and silver flower drops.
The inspiration behind these earrings came from this sweet floral top from Sundance Catalog. Make a colorful statement with either of these fashionable pretties!

You can find these new earrings at my webstore!

Lorelei Eurto

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Blooms

I am in love with Marsha's little treasures! I got a few at her last sale and would have loved to get many many more! These just called to me! They are a soft almost lavender and inspired me to find some colourful beads that pick up colour.
 In different lights these beads look more purple and look fantastic with these perfect little dangles! Wrapped them in solid copper and antiqued them for a wonderful Vintage feel!
 A little more Spring inspiration for you? My apple tree started blooming this morning and I just had to capture it! I LOVE spring blossoms!! In Canada we come a little later than most, this picture was taken May 20th. So pretty!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pretty Posy

{pretty posy - available on Etsy}
I love to have flowers blooming on my front porch, but I only have a black thumb. I am horrible with watering them. Maybe if I had a pretty watering can like this, it wouldn't seem like such a chore. But in case my blooms don't last into July, I can still have these pretty ceramic tabs from Marsha Neal and these little glass petals to remind me of the ones that turned brown and went to seed.

{hand painted vintage watering can - from AFarmOfArt on Etsy}
Erin Prais-Hintz invites you to go on a journey of inspiration at her blog Treasures Found :: Inspiration is Everywhere. You can view a gallery of her work at or purchase her new line of 'Simple Truths' in her Etsy shop.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Vintage Feel to Modern Copper!

I was gifted these wonderful copper pieces by my friend Sharyl. How sweet of her to think of me and send me as little gift! I was instantly inspired to use them, they were just too fun to leave sitting on my work bench!

 They really shine in the sun! What a beautiful day to take pictures in the backyard! So these beauties will be available in my Etsy Shop and just in case you might be thinking about coordinating, I think this necklace is a lovely match! Unrelated, but made at the same time and look wonderful together!
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tribal Masks featuring Jean A Wells

Today I wanted to share the work of a wonderful and creative artist
Jean A Wells

I have admired her Bohemian style for awhile
 and I'm happy to share these creative and beautiful earrings with you.

Jean has used beautiful focal masks by Barbara Hanselman
 which are Barbara's interpretation of the ancient giant statues
 found on Easter Island in the Polynesian Islands. 
The beautiful Lampwork beads are by Cheryl Harris.

I love the way Jean combined the earthy rustic tribal masks with bright and colorful beads!

You can find Jean's work in her Etsy Shop and she has a wonderful Blog.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Copper Sea Bells

Copper Sea Bells

Copper End caps with beautiful Turquoise Lampwork Beads dangling from the center.
These were actually some of the very first end caps I made before I started doing spirals,
 I do like them and may make more in the future.
They have a Sea Urchin Texture
 and stunning Lampwork beads by Amber Ballard with enamel Headpins.


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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peacock Blues

These earrings are a custom order for a lovely young woman I will be telling you about soon on my blog. They are a kind of combination of some washer and bar earrings I have done before--my customer thought the washers would be nice combined with a longer element--I think she was right! The washers have been textured with a 1959 British half crown coin, and the bars were created from two short lengths of 14 gauge copper wire. I left the bars a little brighter than the washers so they would flash in the light.

The washers are about as big around as a quarter, but not terribly heavy.

You can see more at my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cherry Limeade

{Cherry Limeade - available on Etsy}
 It's getting hot in here! 
This past weekend was GORGEOUS. Unseasonably warm in the upper 80s. That is hot, my friends, when you live in Wisconsin and it could be snowing right now! (No. Seriously. I have seen it snow in June.)

Not that I am complaining about the weather, but to top it all off, our air conditioner wasn't working this weekend. It was getting mighty steamy in my bedroom (and I don't mean romantically ;-)

{found via Pinterest - recipe for Radioactive Cherry Limeade on The Cooking Photographer}

So you can understand why I have had ice cold drinks on the brain lately. What could be better than a little Cherry Limeade served up in a mason jar? (Can you add a little vodka to mine?)

{found via Pinterest - recipe for Cherry Limeade cupcakes from Annie's Eats}

I would sip this concoction kiddie-pool-side while wearing these earrings and nibbling on these Cherry Limeade cupcakes.

Erin Prais-Hintz invites you to go on a journey of inspiration at her blog Treasures Found :: Inspiration is Everywhere. You can view a gallery of her work at or purchase her new line of 'Simple Truths' in her Etsy shop.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Spice Market

My head is filled with images of India as my muse has me traveling down a bohemian path lately.  I'm so taken with the bright and vivid colors of the spice markets of India, Turkey and Morocco.  They are amazing.  Along with the colors are the collections of textures and shapes that have my head spinning.  Yep, I could get lost.

(An unattributed photo from Pinterest.  It really is shame that people grab photos without sharing the original source.  I apologize.  I don't know if it's worse that I use the photo here or not!)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Copper Patina Medallions

Aren't these porcelain medallion charms (by Suburban Girl Studio) gorgeous? As soon as Diana posted them on Facebook I scooped them up-lucky me! I paired them with copper metals and Czech glass beads in a gorgeous shade of blue/green.

I think they would look great with this combination that I put together using Polyvore. Aqua dress paired with copper accessories...LOVE that!

To view these earrings go HERE, to see more of my work visit my Website.

Thank you,

Kristy Abner

Kristy's Kreations

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mixed Metal Corsages

Mother's Day, Spring Dances, Proms, Weddings...1 common denominator to these events? Pretty flower corsages!  While working on some larger soldered components this week,  I found that if I layered some of my filigree and brass pieces, they made cute little "corsages".

These are layered onto small copper washers that have been covered with lead free solder that I hammered and patinaed for texture. I then added Czech glass beads with a cool bronze metallic finish, using sterling wire, then dangled everything from hand wrought sterling earwires.

These are so versatile...equally sweet with your  little black dress or your jeans and t-shirt!

Corsage from via
I did a search on Pinterest for corsage images and there were so many gorgeous ones!  Here is a link!

These and more of my eclectic jewelry can be found at Melismatic Art Jewelry!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bohemian Princess

Unconventional in terms of style, a Bohemian Princess is beautiful and daring in her frock, fleece lined jacket, floppy hat and knee socks. I made earrings in this same attitude.  Daring color palette, with unconventional glass discs floating in between a few of the beads. Long and dangling, the earrings are fun to wear and fun to fondle when worn.  You can find these earrings for sale in my new webstore, Here

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sedum Medallions

These early days coming up to summer, there are so many vibrant colors. 
 I love none more than my Sedum collection.
Inspired by the beautiful shades 
I'm seeing at my farm right now~ 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Perfect for Everyday!

I wanted to make a pair of earrings that I could picture myself wearing everyday! I think I hit the mark with these. I can picture them with a dress or jeans and a t-shirt. I love the vintage feel of the patinaed copper with the sparkle of the beads and the sun bursts on the ceramic pieces! Perfect for the summer!

You can find these in my Etsy shop, and while you are there, have a look around my clearance section at all the amazing deals on earrings!  

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Rain

I just purchased both the Lampwork and Kyanite
at the Whole Bead Show this weekend.
I was certainly tickled to find the colors went so well together.

Lampwork Beads by

Spring Rain by Michael Bufis


I was dying to use these wonderful leaf charms from Karen Totten. I had also had these verdigris discs by Shannon LeVart sitting on my work bench for a while, hoping to come up with some inspiration for them. Hey--Why not put them together? I added a splash of periwinkle, and little pewter leaf charms, on hand-forged sterling silver earwires.

My Etsy shop is on vacation today, as part of a protest of sorts, asking Etsy to enforce its own regulations prohibiting sellers from passing off mass-produced, commercial items as "handmade." You can visit for more information. Tomorrow you can visit my Etsy shop to see more earrings!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Party Balloons

"Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon." ~ Winnie the Pooh

{These earrings are SOLD, but I would love to make party balloons just for you!}

There is something so uplifting about a balloon. It floats on a breeze and bobs along cheerily. It is tethered by that tiny string, straining to see the great big expanse of sky and rise higher and higher. With it you demand attention, as if it were a party beacon. No one carrying a balloon is ever frowning. Maybe we should all carry around balloons to lift our spirits and put a spring in our step and invite that party to come to us.

Wouldn't these earrings look great with this simply stunning pretty teal wrap dress from Etsy seller Onor? Perfect for a warm spring garden party, don't you think?

Erin Prais-Hintz invites you to go on a journey of inspiration at her blog Treasures Found :: Inspiration is Everywhere. You can view a gallery of her work at or purchase her new line of 'Simple Truths' in her Etsy shop.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Inspired By...

Last month I was inspired by Kristi Bowman's "Sari Silk and Buttons" earrings and also by Erin Strother's "Enlightenment " earrings on the cover of Bead Trends magazine, April issue. The Sari silk...the copper...just I had to make a pair of my own! I found a pair of Bubby and McGurk Beads that I have been wanting to use and matched some Sari silk to them and after a failed attempt (I forgot to add a loop to the top to attach the ear wire! duh) I finally had a pair...gotta love inspiration!

I'd pair them with this mint colored scarf by Ecoshag .

To see some of my other pieces, please check out my website and to see these earrings, please click here.
To purchase some Bubby & McGurk beads like these, please click here and leave a comment. 

Thank you!
Kristy Abner

Kristy's Kreations

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rosy, Posy Hoops

I have been wanting to create some hoop earrings for a long time, but was a bit nervous about making the earwire part and making sure they closed securely, but weren't hard to take on and off.  I finally just sat down and played until they worked!  These are my rosy, posy hoop earrings...for some reason I had "ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies" on a loop in my head while I was making these!

The posies are layered copper components that were tortured into submission by me, then enameled. I wrapped them onto the hoops so they face forward.  I am in the process of putting together a quick little tutorial on these headpins with a twist...made especially for wrapping!  Stay tuned ;)

I created a little ensemble on Polyvore that I thought these would go great with...a very romantic, soft and feminine look...perfect for warm summer evenings!

rosy posy

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We are Young

These earrings are crafted using some rustic cut Apatite nuggets,  bronze bead caps from Lesley Watt, and some pretty faceted Ruby Jade rondelles. Dangling on long Vintaj Brass kidney ear wires- these earrings are trendy, colorful and fun! Speaking of which, enjoy this song by the band called Fun.  This is We are Young.

These earrings can be found in my Etsy shop, Lorelei Eurto Jewelry.