Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Blooms

I am in love with Marsha's little treasures! I got a few at her last sale and would have loved to get many many more! These just called to me! They are a soft almost lavender and inspired me to find some colourful beads that pick up colour.
 In different lights these beads look more purple and look fantastic with these perfect little dangles! Wrapped them in solid copper and antiqued them for a wonderful Vintage feel!
 A little more Spring inspiration for you? My apple tree started blooming this morning and I just had to capture it! I LOVE spring blossoms!! In Canada we come a little later than most, this picture was taken May 20th. So pretty!

Hope you will stop by my Etsy Shop and find yourself some pretty earrings to wear! Maybe stop by and read the other posts too!



  1. Beautiful earrings, Marie! Love the spring colors in these. I too love Marsha's little charms!

  2. Who is Marsha and how do I find her charms?

  3. Love the combination of the deep berry and pale mauve! I also love the lampwork paired with the ceramic, a great contrast.

  4. I have been playing with Marsha's charms, too! These are beautiful!