Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tuesday Afternoon

Making these earrings on a Tuesday afternoon brought the song by the same name, to mind.  Totally dating myself here, but I still enjoy a number of the songs by the Moody Blues, including Tuesday Afternoon.
Tuesday Afternoon Earrings
The diamond shaped ceramic charms were made by Marsha Neal Studio.  I placed small glass rings (Indian Creek Art Glass) above the ceramic and topped them with Greek ceramic spacers and tiny druk beads.
Tuesday Afternoon Earrings
 I  really love the subtle color shifts in these earring.  Brown, ochre, forest green, even the slighted hint of deep purple.
Tuesday Afternoon Earrings

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


It's funny when your workbench is a mess, creations sometimes just fall into place.  That is exactly what happen with these glass and pewter beauties!!! Your at that point of, "I cant find anything, must stop and organize".  However these times can show opportunity right in front of your eyes.

The pewter charms made by Vincent and Nooma of Inviciti  are spectacular, smaller in size than my normal purchases, but I really love these.  I was determined to incorporate them with the lamp work glass discs by my most favorite glass maker, Leese Mahoney. Her work is beyond anything I've ever seen, I feel very fortunate to work with her designs. And your really lucky if you can get some of her beads!!

I love everything about the two together, texture! color! fabulous!!! perfect fit.  Just wish I had about 5 more pair to sell, they went super fast!!!

Thanks for visiting friends, see you again in two weeks, ♥

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Wild Child earrings were inspired and created to match a necklace I recently made, using similar components and beads. The inspiration necklace included a beautiful artisan lampwork focal I picked up in a tiny little (The best kind!!) bead shop in AZ last year. Really nice workman ship. I love buying artist's beads. Knowing that I can contribute to someone elses art while feeding my own creative needs is the most rewarding experience for me.

The artisan lampwork bead has shades of black and gray and a bit of a lavender hue as well.
I played off the colors of the bead by adding in some lavender jasper (from Alexanders Bead Bazaar- Seattle, WA) along with some gray labradorite, white African glass and finally some handcrafted ceramic beads (Cindy's Art & Soul) in shades of gray.

Wild Child

Wild Child by cindybeads featuring nars cosmetics
Black stone, Periwinkle Jasper and Handcrafted Ceramic Earrings by Art & Soul Jewelry
With the earrings I had to get creative since I didn't have the large focal to work with - I chose some small (found) black stones. The stones were hand picked from the beach here in WA - just last week! I drilled them and wrapped them with fine silver wire - adding in the lavender Jasper and handcrafted ceramic beads by Cindy's Art & Soul. The ear wires are hand crafted, sterling silver.
You can find these earrings along with the matching necklace at
If you are looking for ceramic beads - there's a small collection there for those as well. And more coming next week! (ya!)

Peace & Blessings,

Monday, January 25, 2016


Today I will keep it short, sweet and simple. 
Sweet dangle earrings with an Indian twist.

Handmade colorful copper charms: Kristi Bowman
Handmade lampwork glass beads: Angelika Schott
Handmade copper ear wires: Lucy Haslam

Thanks for looking.
Esfera Jewelry

Friday, January 22, 2016

Midsummer Night's Dream

I guess to deal with the cold I've been dreaming about summer and an event with a Midsummer Nights Dream theme. How lovely to think of fairies and love and mischief in a flowery English forest. Yep, that is this week's inspiration. 

The earrings feature peach headpins that I made out of polymer clay, pewter wings from Green Girl Studios and Czech glass.  A few tiny peanut seed beads add just a spot of color in the middle of all those rings.

Here is a print I made a long time ago on the same theme. Funny how the same ideas turn up in all my artwork no matter the medium.

"If we shadows have offended, 
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream"
-William Shakespeare 

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bare Bones

To compensate for a couple of brief posts of late I'm sharing three - !3! - pairs of earrings today, as they're related and were all produced in one session. I didn't do lots of Black Friday bead shopping last year, but, as ever, I couldn't resist a little (okay, not at all little) Yuki splurge. 40% off? Like I can resist that! Amongst the many things I slung in my cart were these weathered-looking, charcoal-coloured bone shapes. Why didn't I buy more?!

I really love everything about them. To complement their kinda pauvre feel, I decided to go for spare, minimal embellishment, adding long sticks of various seed beads: delicate, unobtrusive, but still holding subtle variations in colour and texture.

The next pair are a little more ornate.

Finally, I was struck by the similarity between the shape of the bone pieces and that of these enamel drops made by Georgie of 4Ophelia. I love spotting these potential confluences, so I couldn't resist putting these together.

That's it for today. Bye for now, Claire

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Soul is a Private Place

We all have moments where we just want to curl up and shield ourselves from something: the world, reality, a specific event, a person, or...whatever. 

Last week was one of those moments for me. It sounds cliche to have been so affected by the death of a celebrity, but David Bowie's passing hit me pretty hard. My husband and I are both avid music lovers, and many of Bowie's albums are among our favorites. The beautiful and private ending that he chose for himself deeply resonates with me. You see, I'm a private person, too. And as a fellow creative, I have nothing but respect, awe, and thanks for the art that he so generously shared with us, the world.

So in the vein of needing a little bit of temporary protection, here's a pair of copper fold-formed and repousse-ed earrings I made several weeks ago. They curl and buckle in all the right places, reminding me of an insect carapace or one of those rolly-poly bugs we used to find under rocks as a kid. I finished them with a weathered yet warm patina. Moderately bizarre, but kinda cool. I'd like to be able to swear to you that these will help repel the negative. Guess my skills haven't quite progressed to that level yet ;) 

Hope you're all staying warm and grounded this time of year! 

Happy Wednesday,
LoveRoot on Etsy

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oil Slick

Check out those headpins!!!
The shape, the coool!!!!
They make some fun and funky Earrings don't you think!?
I was happy to have what I think are pretty much the perfect beads to go with them,
 Then I pulled the bits of red out of the Glass Beads with bright Red Coral Beads and Embellished the Earwires with little Coral Tubes.

The Headpins are from Patricia Larsen
The Beads from TwoSistersDesignss

Until next time, thanks for looking!

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Stones And Swarovski

Hi everyone, I hope the beginning of the new year has been kind to you so far. Here in Sweden it's been cold and lots of snow.

Do you remember my latest post here, when I told you about the wonderful gift of stones and pebbles that I got from a friend of mine. Well, here's another pair of earrings made with another couple of stones from that lot. This time I've combined them with Swarovski crystals. Which probably surprises those of you who are familiar with my style. You haven't seen me use Swarovskis very often, have you. But in my bead stash I have a rather large collection of them in different colors and sizes. I haven't actually bought most of them myself, but received in different collaborations in the past. I keep them all together in a box, because I haven't known what to do with them. But, anything odd or uncomfortable challenges me creative wise, so lately I've been thinking more and more about ways to incorporate them in my jewelry.

I am rather pleased with the result. However it was difficult for me to capture the sparkle of the swarowskis in a photo. I hope you get the idea anyway. When you wear them and they dangle they constantly and beautifully catches light from different angles. Makes them rather suitable for a party or a night out in my mind.

Drilled local stones from Ostergotland Sweden - Mia Christensen
Messy wrapped oxidized copper wire in two different gauges
Swarovski crystals
Handmade earring hooks in oxidized sterling silver

All my best,

Friday, January 15, 2016

We're All Ears :: January Reveal

So... which colors did you choose to work with for this challenge?

I sort of left it wide open, but for me I always strive for a true challenge, so I stuck to the pink and blue from the Pantone colors of the year. 

I really couldn't see my way to combining the two colors. They still speak to me more of baby showers, Love's Baby Soft and every 80s prom, so I kept them separate. And then I let the auditioning begin.

I started by selecting a bunch of art beads from my stash. I wish I could tell you all the lovely artists who made each bead, but I am sorry that I just don't know. Blue is easy to find, but I was actually surprised that I had so much pink.
I tried different beads together with assorted headpins. I changed around the order of them. I added spacer beads, bead caps. And of course a few crystals. I have a few unwritten rules when it comes to making earrings. I like movement, so a dangle now and then is nice. I like mixing finishes, matte with shiny, rough with smooth. I almost always try to put an art bead or something else that is precious or has a story. And a little bit of bling to catch the light is always nice!

I was told by the Gallery Q that someone had come in looking at my earrings but was a bit like Goldilocks... this one was too long, this one too short... none of them were just right. So I have set out the restrain myself and make some earrings that are a bit on the average length (or what I think is average). I typically tend to make things longer because that is what I like, but I guess I should pay attention to what the public wants. I hope they want pink and blue! 

polymer clay :: Humblebeads
Rustic and earthy, with a movement and just a hint of sparkle
lampwork glass :: Kelly Wenzel
copper ear wires / headpins :: Rebecca Anderson
Soft and romantic with mix of faceted and smooth
lampwork glass :: Julsbeads
Mixed metals, rustic and organic
lampwork glass :: Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens
Movement and sparkle with interesting art beads
ceramic rounds :: ??
Simple, mixed textures and a little sparkle for the light
interesting shaped side drilled aquamarine gemstones
1940s Japanese lampwork glass, new old stock
Odd shapes and interesting textures

Hurry up spring and get here already! I am tired of the cold and ice and snow!
Now it is your turn... what colors in the Pantone spring palette inspired you? And let's all think WARM THOUGHTS!

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

For the Love of Glass ♥

Oh were these ever a challenge!!
I couldn't have done it without the help of Pati Walton and Terry Turner, ♥♥♥

The head pins in all these designs are made by Pati Walton.  She is a local Colorado artist which I have had the pleasure of meeting more than once.  She sells at local bead shows and I always go mad-crazy at her booth.  I will make it a point to see her again this April and she's also attending the annual Tucson show if you happen to be in the area.

The beads above the head pins are by the amazing Terry Turner of Silverfish Designs.  The thing I love the most about Terry's beads is there's lots of color to them, so there's no fail finding something to use them with.

I don't have a favorite to choose from, I find them all most amazing in their own way.  All I can tell you is these two artists make creating so much more fun, their beads are truly art and I really have a hard time giving any of them up, ♥

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Vine Weave

I've made several pairs of these earrings, all slightly different in style, but carry the common weaving look design.  I absolutely love them and they really aren't that hard to make.

If you are using lamp-work head pins, be brave!!  go ahead and make a hoop with what ever tools you have and wrap excess wire along the bottom.

Take about 6-7 headpins with an assortment of glass seed beads and work them around the hoop all the way to the top.  I always seal the wire work with a watered down metal sealant, it makes the weaving rock hard.

You can always do a weave all the way around too.  Make sure your committed, because once you bend that head pin, at least for me, there's no turning back.

We're starting off 2016 with some awesome posts already!!! 
It's a good sign of what's to come in the New Year, ☺ 
See you again tomorrow friends, ♥

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Of The Earth

Hiking at Cape Disappointment, WA 2012
It's winter here in WA state. The landscape is a lot of gray, and muddy browns. I'm not one that dislikes one season or another, one day over another.

Yes some are easier than others. Some more enjoyable. But I like to keep an open mind and take in all that my surroundings have to offer.

My jewelry work is largely inspired by nature and the beauty I can find there. No matter what the season, no matter what the weather.

Winter brings cold and rain and mud. It also brings green trees, red holy berries, water puddles for children to stomp! Just remember, it's all good.

Of The Earth. 
Silver, Gemstone, Ceramic Earrings, Art & Soul Jewelry

I found these gemstones at a bead show in Portland, OR. Purchased from Dava Bead & Trade. I clearly remember picking up the strand... mulling it over in my head. Why I should I buy these? They were on the $$$ side and they were mostly flawed stones.

The woman in the booth saw me and she must have read my mind because her words to me where that these stones are Of The Earth. Each one special and precious and the cracks and flaws are actually what make them beautiful. And I must have believed her because I bought them, and have loved them ever since!

None are matching. Yet I have still managed to make several great looking pairs of earrings with them. I love the facets, the deep brown color and how each one is unique. And yes, they are Of The Earth. How can that ever be bad?

Silver, Gemstone, Ceramic Earrings, Art & Soul Jewelry
I have wrapped them in .999 fine silver wire. And paired with some handmade ceramic beads finished with a two part brown and red glaze. Ear wires are hand forged, .925 sterling silver. Available at Art and Soul Jewelry.

I see this set with a soft, red, long sleeved sweater. Maybe a V neck or deep plunging neckline. A pair of soft brown corderory jeans and some tall boots. I'll leave that to your imagination.

Looking for handmade ceramic beads? Check in  with me the last week of this month! I will be offering sets of handmade beads!

Peace & Love,

Monday, January 11, 2016

Earrings without a name

This must sound very silly. But for me the most challenging part of the process from picking beads to finally selling a piece of jewelry are naming a finished piece and taking beautiful pictures.

As you can see here. My deepest apologies for these pictures. Normally I am able to make slightly better ones, but I’m in the Netherlands right now. Without my camera. So I tried to take pictures with the best available option at my mum's house; an Ipad.
And for the name…well, the title says it all. I certainly could use your help in this department, so your suggestions are more than welcome.

These earrings are made with beautiful olive green glass disc beads made by Debbie Sanders, handmade polymer clay disc beads in shades of green and purple by Heather Powers and handmade ear wires from my friend Lucy Haslam.
Available in my shop once I’m back in Greece (and able to make better pictures).
Thanks for looking.
Esfera Jewelry