Monday, January 18, 2016

Stones And Swarovski

Hi everyone, I hope the beginning of the new year has been kind to you so far. Here in Sweden it's been cold and lots of snow.

Do you remember my latest post here, when I told you about the wonderful gift of stones and pebbles that I got from a friend of mine. Well, here's another pair of earrings made with another couple of stones from that lot. This time I've combined them with Swarovski crystals. Which probably surprises those of you who are familiar with my style. You haven't seen me use Swarovskis very often, have you. But in my bead stash I have a rather large collection of them in different colors and sizes. I haven't actually bought most of them myself, but received in different collaborations in the past. I keep them all together in a box, because I haven't known what to do with them. But, anything odd or uncomfortable challenges me creative wise, so lately I've been thinking more and more about ways to incorporate them in my jewelry.

I am rather pleased with the result. However it was difficult for me to capture the sparkle of the swarowskis in a photo. I hope you get the idea anyway. When you wear them and they dangle they constantly and beautifully catches light from different angles. Makes them rather suitable for a party or a night out in my mind.

Drilled local stones from Ostergotland Sweden - Mia Christensen
Messy wrapped oxidized copper wire in two different gauges
Swarovski crystals
Handmade earring hooks in oxidized sterling silver

All my best,


  1. The earrings are so gorgeous and the stones make them look out of the box

  2. I absolutely love these earrings! The combination of the rustic, neutral colored stones with the sparkly, brightly colored crystals is really beautiful.

  3. Fabulous contrast! Love these, Malin!

  4. Happy earring! Love the contrast.