Sunday, October 30, 2011

Meet the Team

Welcome to Earrings Everyday!

I was looking around the blog world a few weeks ago and noticed there wasn't a blog dedicated to handcrafted artisan earrings.  I decided that was a void that needed to be filled ASAP!  I asked a few of my favorite designers to join me because it's always more fun to bring some superbly talented folks when you are planning to throw a party.  

Monday through Friday you'll find our latest earrings featured in our shops.  We'll share with you the inspiration and story behind their creation.  On Saturday and Sunday I will spotlight creative ways to store and display our earring collections.  It's our goal to help adorn those who love earrings as we share our favorites with you.

Let's get this party started!

Your Host:
I'm Heather Powers, the editor and tour guide here on the blog.

You can find my jewelry in my Etsy shop and read about my inspirations on my blog.

My first book, Jewelry Designs from Nature was released this fall.  My work has appeared in two books dedicated to earrings: 365 Earrings and Earrings, Earrings, Earrings.  My beads have been featured in magazines, books and on TV.

Other brilliant ideas that I've had include the Art Bead Scene, a popular blog decided to handmade beads and my Annual Bead Cruise.

Yep, I'm kinda like a toaster.  Just hanging out in the corner of the kitchen - quiet, unassuming and always popping up with good ideas. 

The Team:

I'm super excited to start this blog with such a talented group!
Award-winning designer Erin Prais-Hintz has her work gracing the covers and pages of numerous jewelry magazines. Erin collaborates with amazing beadmakers to create gallery-worthy, one-of-a-kind creations.  Erin recently started creating her own components in a line called Simple Truths.

You can find Erin's jewelry in her Etsy shop and read all about her amazing work on her blog.

Marie Cramp mixes vintage inspired components with art beads to create romantic jewelry.  Her work features flora and fauna themes often with her own art beads and pendants.  Marie's work has appeared in many jewelry publications.

See more of Marie's jewelry in her Etsy shop and visit her blog to see what's new.

Lorelei Eurto is a prolific jewelry designer with a strong sense of color and design influenced by her art history background.  Lorelei's first book, Bohemian Style Jewelry will be out in June 2012.  Lorelei has contributed to many books and countless magazine publications with her unique pieces.

Visit Lorelei's Etsy shop to see her latest creations and check her great blog for lots of inspiring eye candy.

Kristy Abner's work is a lush mix of textures and yummy colors in fibers, chain and beads.  Kristy's jewelry showcases the work of different beadmaker's along with pops of color from various gemstones stones.  Her work has been published in numerous magazines and she is currently the Featured Designer in Bead Trends magazine November issue.  

Kristy has a website where she sells her jewelry and you can see what's new on her blog.

Keirsten Giles work is a mix of metal work and wire-wrapping in innovative construction techniques.  Keirsten is well published and has one of her necklaces on the cover of Step by Step Wire Jewelry.  Her jewelry takes it's cue from ancient styles with a totally modern sensibility.

Keirsten has an Etsy shop stocked with her brilliance and blog that is exploding with her personality.  Be sure to check out both.

Kristi Bowman is a jewelry alchemist.  She takes metal clay in copper, bronze and silver and comes up with designs that are pure gold.  Her metals shine in opplument irredensent colors that make me swoon! Kristi's work features her own compoments mixed with artistian beads and stones.

Kristi's shop features her jewelry and components and her blog is overflowing with eye candy.

So that's the gang.  We hope you'll join us here each day as we celebrate the beauty and vast variety of earring inspirations.

Join the party today and pull out your favorite pair of earrings today to wear in honor of our new blog!