Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Sweet Bun-Buns

Joan Miller of Joan Miller Porcelain is the amazing talent behind these sweet little bunnies.  For me, the biggest design challenge working with Joan's pieces is enhancing without overpowering; adding just enough to the ongoing story. 

Atop are bunches of tiny hand-painted flowers. I love the contrast of the matte mottled metal against the glossy clean lines of the porcelain charms.  The copper accents are warm and mingle nicely with the color palette. The heavily oxidized ear-wires give balance to the dark outlined characters.

Below are hand-painted pewter bunny silhouette charms by Kelly Luttrell of Soul Relica.  I love the softened squared off clover shape, it's just perfect for a tiny rabbit portrait.

I've hoarded these matte floral cubes for years, again by Joan. They look great not only colorwise but in proportion and shape as well. 

My adorable plate was made by The Storybook Rabbit. If you've never checked her out you should!  

I've provided links to all :) 


Thank you so much for stopping my worktable today!!  Hoppy April, Y'all!

Loralee xo

Friday, March 27, 2020

Cute As A Button

Mismatched vintage red buttons that go 'sew' nicely with these unique bone connectors!  

Itty-bitty green vintage daisy spacers and oxidized copper wire.  

Handmade ear-wires by Joan Moritz Langmo

Thank you for stopping by to see what's happening on my worktable this week!  I'll be back on 4/2 with some sweet bunnies :)

Loralee xo

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Rock the Weekend

Strange days, aren't they? How to keep sane whilst isolated at home? Do I keep my little business running or not? Without creating, I'd go bonkers. More than that, creating adds a good dollop of mindfulness in a spinning world.
But we are not supposed to visit the Post Office unless essential and our village one has closed, so  a drive to the nearest town is needed.  Anyhow, I had orders to send to the US, so I sorted myself out and finally got to grips with paying on line for my postage, and printing address and customs labels. I shall go back to supporting my local Post Office when we come out the other side.
So on to the earrings. I'd had a marvellous strand of Mexican Sun Agate delivered - each piece a tiny world of colour and texture. At some point I intend to make a necklace with the majority, but in the meantime I couldn't resist picking out the more stunning pieces to make some earrings.

The sun agate lends itself to rustic designs, and goes well with jasper - picture or leopardskin - and rustic, crusty pearls. But you can make a statement pair just with brass wire and beaten brass square studs. Versatility! And as I'm lucky enough not need the additional income from my jewellery (being  a pensioner - doesn't feel too good at present, but there are upsides, trust me!) I'm donating all my profits to our local foodbank for the foreseeable future.
Stay safe everyone, look after yourselves and your families. See you soon.
Lindsay xx

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Harbinger Of Joy

 I always feel like spring is on the way when I see the first crocuses pushing up through the soil or peeking out from the snow. Spring flowers fill me with joy and hope (much needed these days).
The purple and yellow earrings I'm sharing this week remind me of the colors of these pretty, little crocuses. But they could also be reminders of purple Dutch irises, with their yellow centers or purple tulips with their vibrant yellow throats. All of these signal joy to me!
You probably recognize the polymer clay tube beads as being the work of Heather Powers, of Humble Beads. I paired them with hand enameled beads by Susan Kennedy of Sue Beads. I love the way the ribbing, in the metal beads, stands out as a contrasting texture. Buttery yellow ceramic floral bead caps and yellow faceted fire polish beads provide the accents.
Polymer clay is very lightweight and the enameled beads are hollow, so these earring are very comfortable to wear. You maybe thinking, "But who needs earrings now?" Well I have found that wearing a little handmade jewelry actually cheers me up a bit. There were a few of the early isolation days where I never got out of my PJs, but I still wore a blue stretch bracelet (hey, it matched my PJs, so why not?). I have resumed getting dressed daily and creating a normal daily routine, as much as possible. It helps. The Spring Crocus earrings can be found in my shop here.

I hope you and your loved ones are staying home and staying safe. Plus you are saving the lives of other vulnerable people, when you shelter at home. Hang in there and enjoy the spring flowers.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Charming Green Elephants

This is the season of renewal, the season of Green!  Elephants are a symbol of strength, power, and wisdom.

Vintage celluloid elephant charms circa the 1940s. 

Gorgeous polymer, tribal-inspired flowers by Kimberly Rogers of Numinosity.

Sweet little vintage buttons.

I hope you all have a good and safe week!  Keep the faith!

Loralee xo

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hope Springs Eternal

Being on the cusp of Spring, I bring to you this day ~

"It is human nature always to find fresh cause for optimism."

There are two amazing and glorious things about these earrings: First, the newly created enamel work by Inviciti!!!  Yass! Garden sprouts with seedlings, just ready to emerge from the earth. Also, I'd like to mention that this is one of my favorite retro color combinations! 

Secondly, rare scalloped antique furnace glass!!  I've had this strand in my stash for a long time and I can't even begin to tell you how special it is.  Stunning emerald green with a beautiful scalloped edge that captures light and brings so much texture.  I also found some vintage black spacers with the same scalloped edge to build on.  At the very top are rustic peeled vintage glass pearls which always have a nice mellow color.

Thank you for stopping by my worktable today!!  Happy Spring!!

Loralee xo

Monday, March 16, 2020


Hello everyone.

Here we are mid-way through March already -how did that happen? I've been busy making some new pieces for a showcase in April. Since I've been working  with silver, everything takes so much more time. Sometimes it all comes together easily...sometimes, not!

These 2 pairs of earrings behaved themselves  pretty well! The first pair are for my lovely mother-in-law, whose birthday is in a couple of days time. She has several pairs of my earrings in her jewellery box (poor thing!) but this is the first time I've made her some studs. I recently bought some little turquoise cabs, and they are such a lovely colour! I made some little sterling silver bezel cups for them and soldered some posts to the back and voila!

So I thought I'd make some other earrings for my showcase using these cabs. Who doesn't love turquoise, right? This time -I made some teardrops from silver wire, which i textured and set the cabs onto. I thought I'd solder some posts at the top -to give them clean lines and a contemporary feel. These ones are oxidised to bring out the texture.

This second pair will be available over on The Jewellery Show on Facebook in April. 

Hope everyone is staying healthy. I'll be back in a couple of weeks

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Ear ear!

A week or so ago I made a 'singleton' earring - I've done them in the past, as custom orders for those who take asymmetry to the nth degree. After posting a picture on Instagram, I had quite a few requests for more.

If you are just going to wear one earring, it needs to make a real statement, rather than looking like you've just lost one!

I had a little stash of beautiful, orphan metallic finish lampwork leaf headpins by Linda Newnham and a few left of Faerystones swirly copper integrated earwires. Orphan components are perfect for singleton earrings.

I added toning swarowski crystals to each one to bring out those colours - unfortunately, it's so dark here today you can't quite see the shimmer.

The darkest one has been nabbed, but the others will flutter over to my Etsy shop soon. See you again in two weeks - keep well, everybody.

                                                                          Lindsay x

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Night Sky at the Cafe Terrace

Look up on a clear summer night. The parade of stars and the moon light up the evening sky and turn it from a flat black to luminous shades of midnight blue. I can see that night sky represented in the lampwork glass beads I chose for these earrings.
 The midnight blue glass has swirls of yellow green in it, that remind me of the night sky in van Gogh's painting Cafe Terrace at Night. 
The ceramic flower beads accent the yellow green swirls. Semi-hidden under the flowers are midnight blue Swarovski crystals and then, suspended from the crystals, is sterling silver chain with Swarovski crystals dangling at the end. Bold, without being gaudy. Sexy and elegant.

Thanks for visiting Earrings Everyday. Maybe I'll have some Easter earrings for you when I come back in 2 weeks. 
Linda Landig Jewelry

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Elephant Sunset

Hey guys!  Not only have I been craving warmth these days but I've also been working on some animal themes for an upcoming charity event.  Mix the two together and voila!

The lovely drenched pewter elephants are by Kelly Luttrell of Soul Relica.

The accent beads are by polymer great, Jon Burgess.

I used blackened annealed steel, heavily oxidized vintage spacers and topped them off with a coiled wire bead cap. 

Thank you for stopping by my worktable!  See you in a couple of weeks!

Loralee xo