Monday, March 16, 2020


Hello everyone.

Here we are mid-way through March already -how did that happen? I've been busy making some new pieces for a showcase in April. Since I've been working  with silver, everything takes so much more time. Sometimes it all comes together easily...sometimes, not!

These 2 pairs of earrings behaved themselves  pretty well! The first pair are for my lovely mother-in-law, whose birthday is in a couple of days time. She has several pairs of my earrings in her jewellery box (poor thing!) but this is the first time I've made her some studs. I recently bought some little turquoise cabs, and they are such a lovely colour! I made some little sterling silver bezel cups for them and soldered some posts to the back and voila!

So I thought I'd make some other earrings for my showcase using these cabs. Who doesn't love turquoise, right? This time -I made some teardrops from silver wire, which i textured and set the cabs onto. I thought I'd solder some posts at the top -to give them clean lines and a contemporary feel. These ones are oxidised to bring out the texture.

This second pair will be available over on The Jewellery Show on Facebook in April. 

Hope everyone is staying healthy. I'll be back in a couple of weeks


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, I've started to wear more studs myself!

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  3. What a lovely pair! That turquoise is very cheering. The stud version of those discs are fab, alhtough I'm completely in love with my smashing, amber, dangly pair too!XOX:0)<3

  4. Both pairs are beautiful, I love turquoise x