Friday, February 26, 2016

Viking Braid Earrings

Sometimes a crazy idea just comes and roosts in my brain until it makes it's way onto my bead table and into the universe. For no reason at all, I needed a pair of super long earrings braided with wire and they may have been inspired by a certain Vikings TV show that may or may not have been playing in the background while I worked with week. There were snippets, I don't know the story or characters but the visuals were striking.

I cut two long pieces of wire, folded them over and braided them. Then I did a little wire wrapping to finish off the ends and hammered the braids to give them strength. I added a trio of my disk beads in dark, earthy colors. If I make these again I think I would end them about an 1" shorter. They are shoulder dusters at the moment. Or maybe I need to straighten my posture so my neck is an 1" longer.

Crazy, but kind of awesome.

Have a great weekend from the wintry north.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Who's Got the Buckle?

I had gotten these little antique buckles quite awhile ago and decided to use them in this pair of earrings. I really like making assemblage earrings but they seem to present some design problems that take some creative pondering.
I had a bit of difficulty with the one on the right hand side as the wire was sliding too easily.
My solution was to add a bit of waxed nylon for the wire to grip to which seems to be working

The enameled daggers are my own. I'm going to be putting some of this shape up for sale very shortly in my supply shop

The earwires are by Lucy Haslam of Faerystones

Thanks so much for looking.
Kimberly Rogers

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time for Tin

One of my most favorite earrings to make are simple tin drops.  I've been hankering to make some more of these again as they are super light and the shapes are endless. Not to mention I have a draw jam packed with collected pieces.

I recommend getting some stencil patterns or make your own from cardboard for tracing, this assures your designs are more accurately matched, trust me, I've tried to wing it and it just doesn't work, at least not for me.  

A pair of metal cutters work great, but I find that stainless steel curved nail scissors work the best. Their small and go around corners like butter.

I'm particularly fond of this pair on the left.  If I'm feeling extra creative, I hand paint portions here and there to give them a little more depth and color.  It's pretty simple since the patterns are already there for you.

When making my cut, I make the upper portion just a tad skinnier so I can roll over the tops, a simple jump ring slides through perfectly so you can add your ear wires. 

Gives them a little added character, ☺

This pair has hammered dots along the bottom with distressing to bring out the silver underneath with added beads up top.  

Great Colors!!

So next time your at a thrift store or garage sale, keep an eye out for tins, people are always getting rid of them.  You know what they say, someones trash is another's treasure, ♥

Thanks for visiting friends, see you again in two weeks!! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Star Spangled Woman Stone Earrings

Star Spangled Woman was the title to a piece of art I once entered into a juried art show here in town. I think I won, or got second place... but I like the title so I am stealing it for this set!

Like most women in my field I have a lot of irons in the fire and a stack of things to do each day. Writing for the EE blog is one of my favorite "jobs" I do twice a month. Struggling to keep up this week and posting late today with a very short (and sweet?) post!

These earrings were just born yesterday. Originally with more beads and much longer. I decided they were going to be too heavy. I snipped, snipped the wire into the recycled silver bowl and "revamped" them into this shorter set. It's a hard thing to do. To clip that wire... but sometime it's for the best. I am proud of my work and cannot put forth something I am unhappy with. So, it's all good!

Created with natural found stones from WA state, Pacific Coast beaches, thick gauge pure (.999) silver wire, silver nugget star charms and over sized silver-nugget ear wires of .925 sterling silver.

Love this set, love how they came together, the rustic look, the stars (I love star motifs!) and the shape of the stones couldn't be more perfect.

Do you like this set? What strikes you if anything about their look? Love to hear what you think, good bad or ugly!

much peace and blessings...
 P.S. Earrings will be up and available later today...

Monday, February 22, 2016

Miners daughter wants to party

This post is a big thank you to the rest of the Earrings Everyday team members. All you wonderful, amazingly talented ladies are a great inspiration. With your designs you are pushing me to dare to step outside my very comfy creative box.
These earrings are my first attempt to a bit more of a grungy look. To be a bit more messy and to try to mix more different elements.They started out with the vintage brass links I had for some time now. They were just sitting there and I had just a vague idea what to do with them, but never did. Then my parcel from one of my favorite online bead shops Smitten Beads arrived. With the druzy beads and stick quartz. The perfect addition to the links. 

In my first pair I combined the druzy beads with handmade lampwork beads from 4wanderinggypsies in a lovely wasabi and Swarovski Crystal. With handmade ear wires from my friend and bead artist Lucy Haslam (Faerystones).

In my second pair I combined the stick quartz with handmade lampwork glass beads in white, turquoise and teal (Bulibeads), Swarovski crystal and handmade ear wires from Lucy.
I am very pleased how these turned out and I still have more brass links and stick quartz to play with.
What do you think, successful attempt or not?
Thank you for looking. And thank you so much lovely team members for your inspiration and your support! I am so happy to be part of this team.
Esfera Jewelry

Friday, February 19, 2016

We're All Ears :: February Reveal

As soon as I saw this statue, I knew that I needed to use brass or bronze for the metal.

I had to hit up my local hometown hardware store for some other items when I took a detour down the copper and brass fittings aisle. I love the myriad of tiny little drawers with diagrams of the metal bits within. In this particular aisle, the drawer wall was so very tall that a rolling ladder stood at the ready nearby. I climbed up gingerly when a sketch caught my eye for a compression nut. I liked the wide opening at the bottom and the smaller hole at the top along with the hexagon shape reminiscent of the dais on which the Buddha was standing.

The wavy lines of the Buddha's robes captivated me. I had an idea that I wanted to do something with a tassel shape and the compression nut would make a great cap. But instead of soft threads or fibers, I used a brass wire in 16 gauge. How to make a hard material appear soft? After filing the edges I used a pliers to make gentle waves in the wire. Flattened, then used a texture hammer provided some lines. They give a gentle wiggle when the earrings are moved.

To bring the teal bloom of the time-worn patina, I used some Vintaj metal patina paint in Onyx, Aged Bronze, Moss and Verdigris. Wiped off and sanded, this gives the perfect appearance of age.

At the top are some polymer clay disk beads from Humblebeads in teal with tiny blooms reminiscent of the flowers carved on the hand of the Buddha. The face of Buddha is so tranquil, serene. So these are called Tranquil Waves.

But I can never stop at just one pair. ;-)

I made a second pair inspired by the flame rising from the top of the Buddha's head and the swirl bindi on this forehead. I remembered that I had some vintage NOS (new old stock) hammered brass disk post earrings. These paired with the inverted flame-shaped dangles and some perfectly swirled silver plated beads. To make the different metals and shapes compatible, I used the same Vintaj patinas. The flame on the top of Buddha's head is referred to as The Flame of Enlightenment. Simple name for simple earrings.

Your turn! I look forward to seeing how you translated this ancient artifact into your earring designs. Share your version of the inspiration in the links below.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Later Age

I've been lacking a laptop for much of the last 36 hours. Thankfully I have it back now, with Photoshop working again. Despite my decision to immerse myself in the elemental, primal business of (learning) metalwork, I did keep feeling something was missing. So, it's a quick post today. I made this pair as part of a blog hop that I've been doing with some of my favourite beady gals. (To read all the details and see what everyone made, head here.)

I've mixed some ceramic discs with some oxidised vintage metal hoops and some czech glass hearts, with some grungy spacers up top. Not a colour combination I'd usually go for but I rather like it.

They're listed here on Etsy.

Bye for now, Claire

My Favorite Things

Favorites---we all have them. 

Whether it's your favorite color (olive green), favorite food (garden-fresh tomatoes), season (autumn), author (Cormac McCarthy), shoes (black biker boots)...the list goes on. We can learn so much about a person by looking at their favorite things. See, look how much you just learned about me? Of course, we as humans are much more nuanced than a condensed list of favorites, but these are great starting points. 

One of my most favorite stones---and honey, I've worked with a LOT of stones---is chiastolite. A form of rosy brown andalusite and otherwise known as "cross stone", this wicked material features completely naturally occurring black graphite crosses or Xs at its center. The iconography of the cross goes back thousands of years across untold cultures. I love the provenance and fluidity of such a symbol.

So any time I see a nice piece of chiastolite, I tend to snap it up like a hamster---hoarding it away for future use. These little teardrop pieces weren't in my hands very long before they spoke to me. I gave them wee soldered caps and dangled them simply beneath vintage wood beads and ratty pronged black metal bead caps. Ever so slightly industrial and gothic (see aforementioned proclivity for black biker boots) with a crunchy earth goddess vibe thrown in for good measure. Hey, that pretty much sums me up.

OK, now tell me some of YOUR favorites!

Happy Wednesday!
LoveRoot on Etsy

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Two of our very own!

Earrings Everyday's regular contributors are some of the most talented designers, women who make incredible earrings! Right? Right. Some of them also make wonderful components FOR jewelry and share their talent and components with the rest of us. Working with their elements is always extra fun, and I want to highlight their work in my work. Today I have two pairs of earrings for you: one includes ceramics made by our very own Claire Lockwood from SomethingToDo and SomethingToDoBeads, the second includes ceramics made by our very own Cindy Pack of Art and Soul Jewelry

First Claire: Look at these incredible pieces! Chunky, expertly carved, gorgeously glazed brown crackle and soft green pieces with 3 holes up the side. How cool are these!!

Earrings include Ceramic Components by
Claire Lockwood

I first wired copper back and forth through the holes and then threaded chocolate brown waxed Irish linen through them, strung with Red Creek Jasper heishi beads. Up top I wired, again with copper, all natural Green Quartz and a yellow stone of some sort. I apologize I don't know exactly what they are, perhaps a Jasper, Mookaite? Not sure but they're a great contrast to the earthy browns and greens. I love these.

Now Cindy: 
Earrings include Ceramic Components by
Cindy Pack of Art and Soul Jewelry
I LOVE Runes in jewelry. They really transport me back in time, and Cindy's pieces are so expertly made, perfectly rustic, as if they could have been unearthed. The Quartz disks above the ceramic Runes were unearthed. These disks were found in Africa and date to the Neolithic Age. (a brief description below) No matter how you look at it, they are O-L-D and I love them! There are two different kinds of bone beads in these earrings, as well as coconut shell disks and tiny clay beads from Mali. No wire was used. All the connections are made with waxed linen. I knew I wanted to use a fair amount of beads and wanted to keep the weight down. The long threads of waxed linen look very cool when the earrings are on, framing the face so softly.

So fun earrings start with excellent components. And these two ladies make great stuff! :) 

Thanks for stopping by! I will be doing more like this with the other component designers. I'm here the first and third Tuesdays of the month. See you in March! Til then. . . Happy Days! Peace. Norbel

Norbel Marolla
She Flies Again Etsy Shop
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(From Wikipedia) The Neolithic Age, or New Stone Age, was a period in the development of human technology, beginning about 10,200 BC, according to theASPRO chronology, in some parts of the Middle East, and later in other parts of the world[2] and ending between 4,500 and 2,000 BC.
Traditionally considered the last part of the Stone Age, the Neolithic followed the terminal Holocene Epipaleolithic period and commenced with the beginning of farming, which produced the "Neolithic Revolution". It ended when metal tools became widespread (in the Copper Age or Bronze Age; or, in some geographical regions, in the Iron Age). The Neolithic is a progression of behavioral and cultural characteristics and changes, including the use of wild and domestic crops and of domesticated animals.

Monday, February 15, 2016


I recently saw the film Whiplash for the first time. I saw it with my son Conrad, 13, who had seen it himself only a couple of days before. And he really wanted to share it with me. I must admit I was completely blown away. What a film! One of the best ones I've ever seen in my life. The story, the two main characters and their relationship, the acting, the filming, the cutting, the music and everything how it all comes together. It is so musical and artistic and so visually excellent. I know that the jazz nerds are critical towards a lot of details about for instance how the music versus the visual don't fit many times. And other things too, like if you actually were a jazz drummer like the main character you would't go about training like that. But I don't care about that. The film is a masterpiece. As a film! It is not meant to be a documentary. The question we are left with is of course, how far can you go to in your search for creating brilliance. Where does the line go? 

The next day we saw it again. Obsessively needing the kick from it one more time. And the soundtrack is really amazing. Moorish! Guess what - we saw it again last night. Did I mention my son is taking drum classes since a little more than a year back? 

Anyway, these earrings are not really made with the intent of being a tribute to the film, but somehow they relate to it anyway. To myself - on a personal level. And I've listened a lot to the soundtrack over the latest period.

There are the musical notes in the head pins by MissFickleMedia. The rest of the beads are a mix of high and low with swarovskis and pearls (large rustic ones) on one hand, and African kakamba and vinyl beads on the other. More you will find czech glass, seed beads, rubber discs and ethnic glass beads.

I am very pleased with these ones. Love to wear them too. I'll probably keep them to myself.

All my best,
Malin de Koning

Friday, February 12, 2016

Fairy Pod Earrings

Sometimes you just have to let the beads speak and keep the design simple. Such was the case with these pod headpins that I created. That magical teal color with its variations and depth needed space to sing. 

I paired them up with butterfly wing spacers and copper plated hematite. 

Simple but intriguing. Sometimes you have to let those beads do the talking! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wake Up Little Drusy

This is just going to be a short post because I only just got back from 6 weeks of traveling and the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.
I've managed to have gotten myself sick upon re-entry. I'll blame the gem show this time.
It even had a name "The Tucson Crud" because it was certainly going around many of the exhibition halls.
What we have here are some little drusy discs that I picked up at the gem show a few years ago. I haven't seen any offered since then in this nice wee size but I squirreled some away for myself.
These had a bit of yellow coloration which went well with the African powder glass spacers.
The silken mini squares are by Outwest. I don't buy a lot of lampwork being a lampworker myself  but she does such a good job with this shape I had to pick myself up a few. Somehow they make they yellow which I have hardest time working with all come together nicely.
The nice long earwires are by Faerystones on Etsy

Thanks for looking,
Numinositybeads by Kimberly

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Salvaged Heart

Talk about being at the right place at the right time.  Just happen to run by my favorite consignment store and found these heart dagger earrings calling my name.  

Now keep in mind, they didn't look like this when I found them, but with a little work and re-design, adding my own aged Cherub charms, they transformed perfectly.  I think I could pull off a similar style using some components already in my stash. 

I think I would take these over a box of chocolates and a dozen roses any day ♥♥♥

Enjoy friends! Thanks for stopping by and see ya in two weeks, ☺

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rustic Hearts Aquamarine Gemstone Earrings

Rustic copper hearts with a dotted hammered texture. Paired with green Aquamarine gemstones and fine silver hoops.  

  My shop has been pretty bare for many weeks now. I have been down and out with migraine headaches. 

Yesterday was one of the only days I've been able to work in what feels like ages. My creative side has been starving for this time. Craving the torch and hammer!

It feels amazing to be able to make jewelry again.
Just listed today... 
These and matching accessories 
available at Art and Soul Jewelry


Monday, February 8, 2016


Sometimes things in life work out a bit differently than planned. I really planned on showing you a new pair of earrings today. I even set aside some art beads and vintage components to play with the minute I had some downtime. It never happened. 
So I hope you don’t mind I am sharing this pair I made a couple of months ago instead.
Beautiful lampwork headpins made by the very talented and inspirational bead artist JulieWong Sontag, combined with lampwork spacer beads from Amy Hall and handmade copper ear wires by my friend Lucy Haslam of Faerystone.
Thank you for looking and I hope to see you in two weeks, this time with a new pair of earrings.


Friday, February 5, 2016

We're All Ears :: February Inspiration
NOTE: This artwork is to be used for educational purposes only.
So I went to the MET. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wish I could say that I was actually in New York City. It was online. And they have a function there called Artwork of the Day, a random piece of art to enjoy every day. This was the artwork on Wednesday, February 3rd.

This is a gilded copper alloy statue dating to the 18th century of a standing Buddha.
NOTE: This artwork is to be used for educational purposes only.
According to the MET: "This work represents the Kandyan-period style of Buddha imagery at its best. The Buddha's physique is robust and the full face does not display the softness of features seen in lesser works of the period. The auspicious marks (lakshana) seen so prominently on the gilded seated Buddha displayed nearby appear here as well, and the left arm is now lowered, a convention that persisted throughout the later Kandyan period."
NOTE: This artwork is to be used for educational purposes only.
From another earlier 16th c. gilded statue, I read that Buddha exhibited many marks of lakshana - or his Buddhahood. Things like his extended earlobes, his urna forehead mark, the ushnisha or flame protuberance on his head and lotus markings on the hand and feet.

What I love about this....
  • the peaceful expression on Buddha's face
  • the flame motif over his head
  • the slight verdigris color blooming in the crevices
  • the ripples like water in his robes
  • his outstretched hand
  • the palm of his hand has flowers carved into it
  • the tight nubs of his hair
  • the square earring shapes in his lobes
  • the swirl bindi on his forehead 
  • the flower shaped dais he is standing on

(To see these really up close, click on the links to the MET, then click on the picture to zoom in to see every minute detail.)

What inspires you with this ancient statue?

Make a earrings inspired by the Standing Buddha statue and join me here on Friday, February 19th for the reveal of the We're All Ears February Challenge!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Curve With Silence

Since I started doing ceramics, I've been ruminating on trying to make my work more 'from scratch'. I recently started doing metalwork classes to help me to this end. The thing now is trying to co-ordinate all the different lines of development/experimentation that I'm doing with these different materials. Do I sit down and sketch designs then make all the elements? I don't tend to work like that. I've always favoured the chance, 'hands on', combining of things, the designs that come to you when you happen to have some of the materials in front of you.

I've just finished (and listed!) a large batch of beads. When making them I did make the time to make some beads just for me, to use in pieces that were already formed in my head. This pair of earrings is one example.

Admittedly there wasn't much to add. Really, sometimes, I'm just a sucker for 'sticking a pearl on top'. I did stretch to a pair of blackened vintage bezels, drilled to make bead caps, and a couple of etched brass rings.
And I don't think they need any thing more. They're listed here on Etsy.

Bye for now, Claire

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Heartthrob Earrings

With Valentines Day approaching, I thought some heart themed earrings might fit the bill.
The Heartthrob Earrings feature delicately pink transparent glass beads that have a swirled pattern on the surface.  I topped the beads with Swarovski crystal bicones in a more intense pink. Valentines day seems to call for that touch of bling that crystals bring to the composition.

I used cranberry color Artistic Wire to create the heart shaped head pins and suspended them from sterling silver ear wires.
Wishing you lots of love - from kids, grandparents, pets, friends and family - all year 'round!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Copper Love

I do love copper more than other metals. I always admire the jewelry others make using Sterling Silver, and have worked with it in wire form a very tiny bit, as well as brass, but they just don't feel as "right" to me. I have decided to expand my horizons once again and go back to trying both more silver and brass in the future; today it's still copper.

These copper "Ripple Slim Sticks" started as two small pieces of left over sheet. I played with them for a while pondering whether I wanted to use them right then or not. Then I grabbed a few high-tech devices, a slim pen, a paint brush, stepped pliers. :) That was the fun part.
Ripple Slim Sticks
was a bad day for picture taking ;)

The edges were ground and polished. As an aside. . . . have you ever used the polishing wheel on a dremel? I just recently tried it. It's an off white, small wheel attachment that looks like felt. Amazing! Doesn't seem to me as if it could do much of anything but it smooths the rough metal beautifully! Anyway, they were oxidized, then I applied a blue patina. These required only one coat, about 12 hours.

I started off dangling colorful beads down in the usual fashion and never got past a few beads. It blurred the Ripple Slim Sticks. So I decided to dangle them up! Pulled it together with a handcrafted copper bead at the top and a small piece of wire for the loop.

So that's about it. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.

Norbel Marolla

Monday, February 1, 2016

Different Facets

Hello, I hope you are well. Here are my latest earrings. A combination of different facets. Sparkling happily when worn on the ear (even if I didn't manage to capture the swarowski sparkle in the photo).  

Ingredients (bottom to top):
Pyrite facetted drops
Heavily oxidized copper wire 24G
Yellow thin vinyl discs
Vintage lucite beads reminiscent of hammered bronze
Swarowskis bicone crystals
Vintaj brass earring hooks

All my best,