Friday, October 23, 2020


I so wanted to add dangles!!!
Short earrings are a challenge for me so this is quite an achievement.

First pair with Claire Lockwood porcelain hanging from my beadwoven ovals.

Second pair with porcelain again but this time by Detelina Nankova

These will be listed in my group later today. 
See you soon <3


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Seasonal "Twigz"

Hello!  I have something totally new to share with you tonight!

We all have our favorite beadmakers and one at the top of my list is Kimberly Rogers of Numinosity Beads.  I can always count on her to challenge me as a designer which I thrive on.  

One of her latest creations is called "Twigz", they are made of glass on a zigzag of steel wire.

Shown above, are a pair in blood-red garnet glass. I have added lovely mismatched, mellow, Miriam Haskell glass pearls, heavily oxidized caps, spacers, and vintage accent beads. I kept this pair elongated, slim, and elegant.  I purposely left a bend of steel wire exposed as a design element. I think it lends a bit of delicacy and grace if you will.   They have a very gothic vibe.

And moving on into winter ~ Icy Twigz

Here are a pair in etched black glass with hints of blues and greens.  I have wire wrapped some dark grey silk to the top with the tiniest clear AB Swarovski crystals I could find.  

It's hard to photograph just how spectacular the large antique tin-cut crystals are at the top.  They just dazzle in the light.  I used handcrafted ear-wires by Lucy Haslam with that lovely dark twisted effect.

Well, thank you so much for taking a look at what's happening currently on my work table!

Until next time!  Much love from me and the studio cats.

Loralee xo

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Leaves are Falling


Happy Wednesday folks! 

I'm in the middle of a two-weekend show on Facebook with my friends Lucy Haslam and Helen Backhouse. Inspired by the books/TV series 'Outlander' and set mainly in the Scottish Highlands at the time of the Battle of Culloden, then moving via France to Northern America, it's natural that I've included a number of pieces of work using designs based on heather, leaves and wood. 

These two new pairs of earrings are coming up this weekend in Part II - both using new, stained glass effect polymer clay leaves by Helen Backhouse
The top pair are lusciously long but light as a feather, using sigid wood tubes and Vintaj copper beadcaps, wound with silver/copper fancy headpins and swarowski crystals, hung on matching aqua niobium earwires. 

The second pair have more purple in them - I had these perfect stained glass effect lampwork beads by Leese Mahoney and again used copper beadcaps and the silver/copper headpins with swarowski crystals. The earwires are purple niobium. 

We all need some colour in our life at the moment. Hope you can join us over in The Very Nice Group this weekend. 

                                                              Take care out there. 

                                                                   Lindsay xx

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Scary Melting Faces

I was excited when these wonderful, copper, melting faces, from Kristi Bowman Design, arrived the other day. Such a great and timely inspiration.  

I linked the melting faces to some beaded components made by Anna Pierson. The rustic look of the beads looked great with the copper. I then wrapped Wooly Wire around the bottom links and added my own handmade brass ear wires. I love how they turned out. I hope you do too. The Melting Face earrings are available in my shop now.
Stay safe friends. May Halloween be the only scary thing in your life. See you again in two weeks!

Friday, October 9, 2020


I've tried asymmetry after a while using fabulous ceramic shard connectors by Nitta Elomaki.

First pair is only asymmetrical because of the focal ceramic components not being quite the same.  It was the first pair so I could only manage slight asymmetry :D 

I played around a bit more with the second pair, it was hard work but I think I like the end result.  Hope you like them too. 

That's all for today.  These and more will be available in my next show in my group sometime next week.  

See you soon. 

Suhana <3 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Unknown

“I will not let you go into the unknown alone.”
― Bram Stoker

October Greetings, My Friends!

Today I have some lovely antiqued collage earring charms by Jill Stoffregen of Foxpaws to show you.  

The charms are made of thin porcelain ceramic and are quite delicate. I used a 4 ply wax linen cord to attach them to the rest of the components so there wouldn't be any metal rubbing against them.  In this particular pair, I frayed the ends of the cord to create a tattered look which also went perfectly with the slashes you see in the sleeves.  

I created a sort of gobbet using vintage bead-caps and amber-colored faceted beads.  Well, of course, we all know vampires don't, they may offer you some to be hospitable. 

I hope you enjoyed your stay at my little bead table today!  It was wonderful to see you again!

Be well,

Loralee xo