Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Simple, But Significant

Hello, friends!

This past week I've been working on a few projects and in-between, have also been playing around with random things living on my worktable.  So, for this blog post, I have an eclectic mix for you.

I may have mentioned in past posts one of my favorite quotes from Mad Men: "Make it simple, but significant."'ll probably hear it from me again down the road because it's become my mantra.

Lovely artisan enameled discs by Anne Gardanne and wire wrapped fiber cocoons by Anna Pierson.

Outstanding lampwork headpins by Kimberly Rogers that I've looped and added tiny vintage Miriam Haskell wood beads to.  The wood beads were surprisingly delicate to work with, perhaps due to their age.  They are well worth the risk, as they are beautiful.

Vintage Japanese opal glass with delicate frit.  I added artisan hollow glass dangles to the bottom.  I am embarrassed to say I cannot remember the name of the glass artist but I will try to find out and update my info so bear with me!

Thank you so very much for stopping by today and seeing what I've been up to.  As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask here or message me.

Loralee xo

Friday, June 26, 2020

Colourful enamels

Hello, I have a show next Tuesday and I am in the 'bracelet zone' right now as I've made nothing but bracelets so far.  Yesterday I realised today is my turn for EE blog.  I literally had to force myself away from bracelets, argh it was painful.  I'm sure many of you can relate. 

So I came up with these.  Its nothing new tbh.  I didn't have the time or motivation to plan a completely new design.  I've made these many times before but with different focal components.  This time the enamel focals are by Annet Riabukhina
I've created the beadwoven hoops around some of the colours of the enamels.  

These will be available in my group Suhana Hart Jewellery next Tuesday.  I hope to see you again in 2 weeks time. 

Suhana <3

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Purple Please

I recently received a lovely, large gift of beady goodness from Monica Pena of Mariposa Originals. Contained within the package were a gorgeous pair of lampwork beads. I was so inspired to use them right away. Just look at all the yummy swirls of color in the glass. Swoon!

I paired them up with my ceramic Ferris Wheel components and it was a match made in heaven! I used some purple and blue metallic hexagon beads in the middle. They flash in the sunlight.

Lastly the earrings have some Bali silver beads and spacers sprinkled throughout. Shout out to Monica for generously sharing her stash with so many others. 💓 The Purple Please earrings are available in my shop now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Baies Roses

Summer is almost upon us and so I thought I'd do something soft and sweet.

Vintage melon green tin dangles with yellow, blue, and pink swirls by Holly Stultz.

 Pink blush berries with an iridescent cast.  Beautiful oxidized deep pink rhinestones spacers with vintage glass pearls.


Thank you for stopping by my worktable today!

Loralee xo

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Jungle Fever

Last weekend in our Facebook Group my friend Lucy Haslam organised an art challenge based on colour and texture. It was very popular, with many of our group members joining in and producing some very fine work. Seems that lockdown really did bring out the creativity in us.

I'd got quite hooked on using textiles in my designs for the challenge so I carried on with the theme for todays blog post.


I layered black and animal print recycled sari silks, secured with oxidised copper wire to lovely twisted copper rings by Louise Goodchild. Above lie small amber Czech glass beads and etched black lampwork barrels by Joanne Joyce. Very swishy!
You can find them in My Etsy shop.
                             Hope you are all keeping safe - see you again in two weeks. 
                                                                     Lindsay x 

Sunshine And Flowers

I made a bracelet last week, about which my husband said, "It's pretty, but aren't those kind of Autumn colors?". Well, yes. So today I decided to go for sunshine and flowers. No mistaking which season these are for!
I started with two of my handmade ceramic ovals which I combined with some new brass ovals. My first design had a large flower above the brass ring, but the earrings ended up measuring 3.25 inches long! Back to the drawing board.
In this version, I used smaller orange glass flowers which I topped with brass filigree bead caps. I dangled the flowers in front of the brass and the ceramic ovals. You can find these earrings in my shop now.
There's a lot of upheaval and unknowns in our world right now, which can make earrings seem almost frivolous. But the creative heart finds balance in the act of making. I hope you are doing ok, as we each seek to make the world a safer and more loving place. I'm sending out big hugs. 💕

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Come Play With Us, Danny...

I love my little ghouls!

I've had these wonderful little faces by Claire Lockwood of Something To Do With Your Hands for probably a couple of years now.  They have always been a favorite of mine!  I remember squeeing when they arrived from England and I've hoarded them ever since.

Recently I purchased some Czech glass flowers in matte black. As they sat on my worktable, it dawned on me that they would make cool Victorian dresses!

I also added a pair of twisted lampwork beads by Michelle Hicks Lusk of Caliente Art Glass 

I hope these were a nice and strange little surprise!

Thank you all for dropping by my bead table today!

Loralee xo

Monday, June 1, 2020

Recycled Glass


Here we are in June already. I have a busy week ahead, working on some custom orders, including a pair of these earrings with long silver headpins and recycled glass chunks which were popular in my showcase last week.

The headpins are fun to make -they just involve cutting some pieces of sterling silver wire and heating the ends until they form little balls. They're then quenched and cleaned and oxidised (I love oxidised silver!). This is how they started out before they were darkened with liver of sulphur:-

I added some wavy silver spacers (also oxidised) because I liked the shape of them, and shaped the headpins simply to form earwires. I like the geometric feel to these -it mirrors the shape of the recycled glass chunks.  I am lucky to have a healthy supply of recycled glass in lots of colours, courtesy of a friend who has brought them back from South Africa for me. Thought I'd make a pair in aqua for my next showcase, as well as the lilac. These colours remind me of summer :-)

That's all from me. See you in a couple of weeks