Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Sunshine And Flowers

I made a bracelet last week, about which my husband said, "It's pretty, but aren't those kind of Autumn colors?". Well, yes. So today I decided to go for sunshine and flowers. No mistaking which season these are for!
I started with two of my handmade ceramic ovals which I combined with some new brass ovals. My first design had a large flower above the brass ring, but the earrings ended up measuring 3.25 inches long! Back to the drawing board.
In this version, I used smaller orange glass flowers which I topped with brass filigree bead caps. I dangled the flowers in front of the brass and the ceramic ovals. You can find these earrings in my shop now.
There's a lot of upheaval and unknowns in our world right now, which can make earrings seem almost frivolous. But the creative heart finds balance in the act of making. I hope you are doing ok, as we each seek to make the world a safer and more loving place. I'm sending out big hugs. 💕