Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Disco 2020

This  week I've been a little obsessed by a TV advert, of all things. You know the one - it's for a brand of gin, scene set in a 60s/70s disco, the song that's playing is Franki Valli's The Night…………

but the night begins to turn your head around,
and you know you're gonna lose more than you found...…………

(carries on singing, dancing round the kitchen making mince pies)

And it's the dancers that hold my attention. Northern Soul, circa 1971, the year I got married. Tom and I had a few Saturday nights at the legendary Wigan Casino, standing to the side, watching the lads do those fabulous moves. And above us, twinkling away on its perpetual circuit...………..

                                                               The disco ball.  

There it is, in the centre of my earrings this week. Faceted glass, surrounded by textured ceramics by Nitta Elomaki and hung on Faerystones dark copper earwires.

Just ready for those New Years Eve parties. But before that, I wish you all a lovely Christmas season, peace and goodwill to all!

                                                                     Lindsay xx

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Friday, December 20, 2019

We're All Ears :: Use Your Leftovers Challenge

Hello earring peeps!
It is time for the reveal of the 5th annual We're All Ears Use Your Leftovers challenge!

I always enjoy doing this one because I can create as many as I can no matter the theme or the color and can use whatever I happen to have on hand.

First I pulled together an assortment of beads that I thought might be good for quick earrings. I put them in this vintage cornbread pan that I have. From there I just had to dig in!

I put on the 100 Uplifting Songs playlist on Spotify. They really were happy songs that helped me create happy things! I also set a timer for one hour. I wanted to finish things up in a short amount of time so that I wouldn't overthink things or try to complicate matters, as I am wont to do. (I will admit that I hit the snooze a couple of times so that I could put the finishing touches on!)

One of my tips for a challenge like this that has a time limit is to make sure that you have all the beads and findings (head pins, eye pins, wire, spacers, jump rings) within reach. And I also make all the earring dangles first, and then add the ear wires at the end. That helps me to maximize the time.

Then I gave myself about 45 minutes to quickly photograph the earrings and write this post. So in under 2 hours I made 8 pairs of earrings! Perfect for stocking stuffers for all your favorite people!

I think there are some winners here! I am sure that at least one of these pairs will be on my ears for Christmas, and the rest will be given away to spread some holiday cheer!

Now it is your turn.... show me what you made from your Leftovers!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Pine Tassels

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to do something special for the holidays, something nature-inspired and yet a little dressy!  Here is my version of festive pine needle tassels and holly berries! Ta-da!

Ceramic connectors by JosephineBeads 

Silky pine colored tassels secured with a vintage ornate jump-ring and

rustically wrapped faceted red rondels.

That's a wrap for 2019!  I'm looking forward to 2020 if the kind folks at EE have me back! ;D

Cheers to all,

Loralee xo

Monday, December 16, 2019

Christmas Baubles

Hello Earring Folk

Nothing brand new from me this time, as I am woefully unprepared for Christmas, and it's a whirlwind of picking up people from University, and school carol concerts. However, these are fairly new (I made them for a recent showcase on Facebook) and certainly seasonal!

First of all, I made these sterling silver hoop studs and bashed them about a bit and oxidised them too, to bring out the texture of the hoops. I added some gold coloured ceramic baubles by Petra Carpreau, and some fancy silver jumprings.

I rather like the combination of gold and silver. Good for Christmas, without being too Christmasy!

That's all from me. I'll be back in 2020! Just remains for me to wish you a happy Christmas and a healthy and peaceful new year.


Thursday, December 12, 2019

Earring Sampler 💗

Hi, everyone!  I'm sorry it's been so long since I wrote a post here, and I'm glad to be back.  I haven't been making much jewelry lately, but today I'd like to share a few pairs of earrings that I have made over the last while.  💗

The whimsical earrings below have so much going on with texture and shape 
that I thought keeping them monochromatic would work well.  The bumpy blue-green
 lampwork beads are by Beth Mellor of BeebooThe fun porcelain hearts are by the 
wonderful Judie Mountain.  With sterling beads and Two Trees sterling ear wires.  

These little (about 1-7/8" long) chainmaille earrings are woven in the classic
barrel weave, are made of small niobium rings in a subtle rainbow of colors, 
and are as lightweight as they come. 

I think these charms might be some of the most colorfully vibrant that Kristi Bowman has ever made--so
 I decided to take them just a little over the top.  I'm not sure it worked, but it was fun.  
With Kristi and Beth Mellor. 

 These earrings are so much whimsical fun, with Patty Lakinsmith's yellow-and-orange disc beads,
the short stack of blue and green Czech discs, tiny pops of red glass beads, and playful and 
colorful enameled charms by Marlene Kazor Quigley of MarkazoArt

Well, I think that's enough from me for now!  I hope you're all well and happy and enjoying the holiday season.  💗


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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


I've not had time to make a new pair for my blog post this week so I thought I'd take the opportunity instead to introduce you to a lampworker, new to me.  Kate Holmes, of Copperstone Art Glass. Kate lives in beautiful Portugal. I'd spotted these beautiful silver dotted beads and luckily they arrived on the same day as the enamels from Candan Imrak. Serendipity, as they are a perfect fit. 

I added dangles with some of my mums old vintage amber, and tiny seed pearls on bronze ball end headpins. The colours are just perfect. These sold at the weekend but it won't be the last time I use Kate's beads.

I shall see you again in two weeks, which just happens to be Christmas Eve. And please, don't ask if I'm ready for it !


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Monday, December 9, 2019

Winter Wolf

Not long to go until Christmas and I have been making quite a few pairs of Christmas/winter themed earrings this year.

Recently I discovered the fabulous enamels made by Annet Riabukhina. She hand paints them and often adds 22ct gold or platinum which creates a luxurious feel. Her pieces are exquisite  as are these enamels with a beautiful wintery scene/wolf design. I always find it difficult to hunt out and combine other beads which will give them the justice they deserve, but I usually get there eventually.

These earrings are no exception, whilst looking through my stash of lampwork, firstly the tray of beads in blues then on to those individual boxes by various artists until I came across these beads by Gabi Sarisin. I thought they would be perfect to combine with the enamels and to enhance both the enamels and lampwork I carefully selected some silver spacer beads, bronze spacers and bead caps and I finally came up with this pair of earrings.

Thank you for taking  a look, these will be available on my group page - Nicola Morse Jewellery & components  in FB later today (Monday)

Friday, December 6, 2019

We're All Ears :: 5th Annual Use Your Leftovers Challenge!

QUESTION: Do you like to do challenges like We're All Ears? I am trying to assess if this monthly challenge should continue in 2020. Maybe it has run it's course, or we should try something else. DO tell me what you think in the comments below.

I can't believe that it has been a full FIVE YEARS since I started issuing the Use Your Leftovers Challenge! 

I used to take a picture of the state of my beading area in my studio, but it really hasn't ever changed that much in five years. Sad, I know. [Read: I NEVER put anything away, just pile more on top, shuffle it around a bit and create a pathway through the tower of boxes and bins holding beads on the floor that I try not to trip on!]

I haven't had that much time to actually create these past few months. You would think that with both kids away at college I would have a lot more time on my hands, but there is always something that comes up, right? (Hence, the months that I totally neglected this which makes me sad.) But I also know that at this hectic time of year, this is a great opportunity for me to get back into a creative mode - and possibly use up some of my prodigious stash - with this annual leftovers challenge. So I look forward to this.

Are you like me, and have an overabundance of beads but just haven't used them or are just lazy like me and haven't bothered to put them away ;-)? 
Then this challenge is for you! The goals: 

So with those goals in mind, I invite you to take part in the  
5th Annual Use Your Leftovers Challenge 
Are you ready to play with me?

Make your own Keep Calm poster at

First, take a picture of the craftermath from your bead feast. Believe me, if it looks like mine it won't be pretty! My studio hardly has a path for me to walk through much less space to create. My table is littered with beady crumbs of all sorts. But think of those bits as delicious morsels waiting for your inspiration to strike!
I don't even know what year this was taken,
but I can tell you it is not much improved...and is likely MUCH WORSE!
Actually, I don't think I can even see ANY of the countertop!
Next, find a divided box, bin, baggies or small bowls and go through the stash on your festive table picking out coordinated sets that you can use to create earrings. They don't need to be same... this is a good time to practice asymmetrical earrings! Put these pieces together with ear wires, chain, findings, etc in each division of the box. I have found that a mini-muffin tin is a great way to corral these bits! Work quickly! Don't take too much time, just focus on filling the sections. Think of this like your staging area for Leftover Transformations.

Crank it up! I like to put on some upbeat music that can help me get the job done and boost my mood. I listen to Spotify. A lot. So here are some great playlists to get you creating!

Starbuck's Christmas Party Playlist
Have A Great Day Playlist
Heart Beats Playlist
100 Uplifting Songs Playlist
70s Upbeat Funky Soul Classics

Now, kick your creating into high gear! Consider this a Quickfire challenge...Set a timer (challenge yourself to see how many pairs of earrings you can create in an hour...or 15 minutes... or make one pair a day for 7 days... whatever works for you!). DON'T think about it too much (leftovers are supposed to be easy!), just make it happen. Sometimes the best things happen when you are on a deadline and you can't afford the time to overthink! 

Finally, share your bounty of tasty Leftover Transformation creations on Friday, December 20th by adding your link to the Linky Tools party right hereI would be surprised if you didn't make multiple pairs of earrings from this exercise. The bonus is that you will now have a ready-made collection of quick gifts for stocking stuffers, teachers, co-workers and friends just in time for celebrating all the winter holidays and festivities! (Or a different pair for you to wear each day until the new year!) I would love to have a lot of participation so I hope you will join me!

In the spirit of giving, I will offer a giveaway of an Emergency Earring Making kit - with beads and findings from my prodigious stash for you to use to make multiple pairs of earrings - valued at over $40. But in order to be chosen, you have to participate in the blog hop starting on December 20th. Winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries on December 31st (that will give you more than one full week to make your Leftover Transformation magic happen!). I'll even leave the LinkyTools party open until December 31st so you have lots of time to play! 

I will announce the winner in the first challenge of the New Year on January 3rd!

Let's get this leftover party started...tell your friends to join in the fun, too! *<]:-}}}}

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Some blue earrings

Hello, hello, hello wonderful earring-loving friends,
How are you doing? Has winter arrived at your part of the world? Currently I am back in the Netherlands, and it is getting cold. Next week we will return to Greece and I am looking forward to sun and warmer weather. 

My apologies for my absence in November. A lot is going on: very busy in my daytime job and I have started a new course in Tax Law. I guess I was afraid I would get bored LOL. And I started venturing into art journaling, painting and altered bookmaking. There just aren't enough hours in a day.

My earrings for today are blue, hence the obvious title. I always have a hard time coming up with original titles for blog posts.

These fun earrings have lots of movement and are made with some gorgeous polymer clay spike charms, made by the multi talented Sue-Lin Tarnowski, I was able to get my hands on and have been hoarding for quite some time. I combined them with amazing lampwork glass beads made by the wonderful Karin Hruza

Thank you so much for looking and your support for Earrings Everyday :)
Share the love, don't be shy and leave some words. And do check out the other posts of my friends here. 

See you in a couple of weeks.
Wishing you all a wonderful day, full of laughter, joy and lots of love.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Star Bright

Over the past couple of years, I've been very attracted to pink during the holidays.  I love a mid-century color palette but I suppose these aren't quite that.  Would you go for mid-century tribal?!! lol  It really doesn't matter what you call them...nope... blending and mixing is exciting and the eye likes what the eye likes :)

The "sugar beads" at the top are lucite with a coating of tiny glass beads. They were made in the '60s and are loaded with texture and catch the light.    I think the tiny bit of sparkle looks great with the light flecks in the enamel charms below.  It just goes together so beautifully.

The artisan enamel charms were made by Spurwink River Arts.  I adore the freeform star design with the pop of stripe and red in the center on a beautiful grey background.  So organic and lovely.

Thank you for having a look at my worktable today!  I'll be back in a couple of weeks!

Loralee xo

Monday, December 2, 2019

For the love of Quartz! Embrace imperfections

Now, for this blog I thought I'd show you some quartz earrings I created recently. The quartz is rough and ready and has been electroplated, so is the most gorgeous colour! I had both purple and rose pink in my stash.

Now, some people like their gems perfect and symmetrical, but I love the gnarled imperfections of these. Adds to their beauty. I wanted to keep this design simple and to incorporate silver. I'm a bit obsessed with hoops (as you may have noticed) and took some sterling silver wire -shaped, bashed and soldered some posts to the back. Finally, I oxidised them, because I love the antique finish with these quartz points.

I've included a couple of older designs to show you just how pretty these points are! They look beautiful with a simple or more elaborate design.

So -embrace imperfections! They are beautiful
Back in a couple of weeks

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Making Lemonade

So, I'm on on a flight of fancy with these lovely autumnal rustic stoneware pieces by Ceramiky. I finished one, very happy, but then I had to make the other in mirror image. Always tricky for me, and fiddling too much with wire I knew was slightly too robust for the piece I managed to break off the corner. Who hasn't been there?

Sling it on the failure pile to cut up, or make the best of it?

Always a push to do something asymmetrical for me, I'm either in the mood or I'm not, and they can just look contrived.

I'd used a 22 gauge wire to keep its shape with the beaded arc, copper tube and carnelian disc with the carnelian flower firmly anchored on the other side. So for the partner I found a Kimberly Rogers lampwork headpin, fancy bronze beadcap by Anna Chernykh, and used the same carnelian flower and disc, copper tube and scarlet beads for the echo.

A friend described it as 'making lemonade ' - I guess, like making an omelette with broken eggs!

If you like asymmetry, they're in my Etsy shop now.
Hope life is treating you well, and see you again in  couple of weeks.
Lindsay x

Celebrate In Style

As I was writing the title of today's post, it reminded me that the first dance my husband-to-be and I attended in high school was titled Celebrate. But I digress...
Today's earrings are meant for celebrating! With their shoulder duster length and the glimmer of gold colored hoops, these earrings will put the wearer in a festive mood!
My friend, Sue Kennedy, of SueBeads, is a multi-talented artist. She made both the beaded beads at the top of the earrings, as well as the handmade lampwork glass beads at the bottom. I didn't purchase these two components at the same time, but they go together perfectly! Paired with the hammered gold TerraCast ovals and the gold plated wires that tapper to a rounded point at the bottom, the earrings take on an elegant look, with flowing lines.
I was thinking of holiday parties when I made these, but since there is nothing "Christmassy" about them, they will look great year 'round on any dressy occasion. The Celebration Earrings are available in my shop now. Take a look!
Since this is my last post before Thanksgiving, I want to wish our US friends of Earrings Everyday a Happy Thanksgiving, filled with laughter, love and deliciousness!
Linda Landig Jewelry

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Creative Weekend

This past weekend was long-awaited and extra special for me!  Once a year I steal away with one of my best friends to South Haven, Michigan to attend the "Inspired By Nature" jewelry retreat. The event is hosted by Heather Powers of Humblebeads.

One of the many projects we worked on were these lovely faux tin components.  I actually made this pair using our "practice sheet" of tin, before using our fancy copper sheeting.  The practice run was supposed to let us get a feel for applying the transfers and baking which can be tricky.  However, I thought they turned out so well I decided to make a pair of earrings with it!

I oxidized all the copper accent beads and jump-rings to coordinate with the dark navy blue floral pattern and cut tiny squares of tin for fringe (nothing wasted!).

This gauge of tin was extremely lightweight and so nice for earrings.  The charms I made on copper sheeting will have a little more weight and be sturdier however, both materials are great in their own way.

Here are a couple of pendants I've made with copper backing.  Definitely more substantial.  I'm still working on them but wanted to show you.

Here we are working away like little elves in one of our cozy cabins.

All the lovely elves!  ♡

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I'll be back in a couple of weeks with some new things!

Loralee XO

Monday, November 18, 2019

Beaded embellishments

Hello Earring Folk!

A brief one from me this time. Look at these gorgeous ceramic connectors by Petra Carpreau. They have a beautiful soft bronze glaze. Petra's connectors are always fabulous -so versatile. I'm often tempted to just pop them on a pair of earwires and leave them be! However, I thought I'd play with these a little.

In both pairs of earrings, I've used silver and bronze seeds beads wrapped on wire. I love the simplicity of these pebble connectors -they're very tactile. I've added oxidised brass hoops to frame the seed beads and replicate the shape of the pebbles.
This next pair feature Petra's connectors and her super popular ceramic drops. They both have the same bronze glaze, and I added the seed beads to add a little boho flair to them. These are party earrings I think!

So that's me done for this month. I'll be back at the beginning of December

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Dulce et Decorum Est

It's been a busy week - the weekend past was our Very Nice Group charity auction in aid of The British Legion, for Remembrance Sunday. I made two pairs of earrings to offer, very different from each other.
The first pair are more traditional 'Poppy Day' earrings - glossy lampwork poppies by Jacky Alty, paired with lilac enamel drops by Kaz Baildon - you can just see those tiny poppies at the bottom.

The second, darker and more brutal, 'The Wasteland' - to depict the twisted metal of the battlefield.

Here, proprietory black metal connectors are matched with blackened copper leaves by Bernie Ryman, fab chain that just happens to be half copper and half black, and tiny Picasso glass drops.
Happy to say both pairs sold, and together we raised over £300 for the veterans.
  I'll be back in two weeks, with new work I hope!
Lindsay xx