Friday, December 20, 2019

We're All Ears :: Use Your Leftovers Challenge

Hello earring peeps!
It is time for the reveal of the 5th annual We're All Ears Use Your Leftovers challenge!

I always enjoy doing this one because I can create as many as I can no matter the theme or the color and can use whatever I happen to have on hand.

First I pulled together an assortment of beads that I thought might be good for quick earrings. I put them in this vintage cornbread pan that I have. From there I just had to dig in!

I put on the 100 Uplifting Songs playlist on Spotify. They really were happy songs that helped me create happy things! I also set a timer for one hour. I wanted to finish things up in a short amount of time so that I wouldn't overthink things or try to complicate matters, as I am wont to do. (I will admit that I hit the snooze a couple of times so that I could put the finishing touches on!)

One of my tips for a challenge like this that has a time limit is to make sure that you have all the beads and findings (head pins, eye pins, wire, spacers, jump rings) within reach. And I also make all the earring dangles first, and then add the ear wires at the end. That helps me to maximize the time.

Then I gave myself about 45 minutes to quickly photograph the earrings and write this post. So in under 2 hours I made 8 pairs of earrings! Perfect for stocking stuffers for all your favorite people!

I think there are some winners here! I am sure that at least one of these pairs will be on my ears for Christmas, and the rest will be given away to spread some holiday cheer!

Now it is your turn.... show me what you made from your Leftovers!


  1. Oh my word! Your earrings are all just magical. And, to know how quickly you pulled them together just puts me to shame. I discovered this year's challenge a bit late but made sure to participate because I know how fun it can be to dig into those leftovers. And, I finally got to the goodies you sent me too! Ha!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful makes and the challenge! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!!

  2. How on earth do you make earrings so quickly, and how do you come up with names for them? :-) They're all just gorgeous, and their names are perfect.

    1. I made the names up as I was editing the photos! Naming is a fun part of it for me. Sometimes I start out with a name. That is a fun challenge, too. (Like last months challenge that I unfortunately had to bail on 😪due to unforeseen circumstances). I also pick up phrases as I am working from the songs I listen to. As for creating quickly, well, ProcrastiNation is where I live! And the last minute is my biggest motivator! There is nothing fancy at all with any of these either. So keep it simple! Thanks for the kindd comments. Enjoy the day! Erin

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  4. All your earrings, their names and photos are lovelyI My favorite pair of your earrings are the bee earrings. The are so cute and creative. I love this blog hop! Thank you for making it possible.

  5. Yours earrings as well their names - both are unique and fabulous. You have made them luxe in tune with the holiday season. Thank you for hosting this challenge again this year.

  6. Desert Blossom and Quick K.I.S.S. would be my favorite but it was so hard to choose! Making up names for my jewelry is the hardest and you make it look so easy! Creating with leftovers is my favorite challenge!