Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Disco 2020

This  week I've been a little obsessed by a TV advert, of all things. You know the one - it's for a brand of gin, scene set in a 60s/70s disco, the song that's playing is Franki Valli's The Night…………

but the night begins to turn your head around,
and you know you're gonna lose more than you found...…………

(carries on singing, dancing round the kitchen making mince pies)

And it's the dancers that hold my attention. Northern Soul, circa 1971, the year I got married. Tom and I had a few Saturday nights at the legendary Wigan Casino, standing to the side, watching the lads do those fabulous moves. And above us, twinkling away on its perpetual circuit...………..

                                                               The disco ball.  

There it is, in the centre of my earrings this week. Faceted glass, surrounded by textured ceramics by Nitta Elomaki and hung on Faerystones dark copper earwires.

Just ready for those New Years Eve parties. But before that, I wish you all a lovely Christmas season, peace and goodwill to all!

                                                                     Lindsay xx

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  1. Happy New Year to you Linsay. Wonderful earrings as always :)

  2. Oooh! Quite lovely! I like the combo of the more rustic ceramic charms and the glittering ball. And now I want to see this commercial! Happy new year, Miss Lindsay! Enjoy the day! Erin