Monday, December 2, 2019

For the love of Quartz! Embrace imperfections

Now, for this blog I thought I'd show you some quartz earrings I created recently. The quartz is rough and ready and has been electroplated, so is the most gorgeous colour! I had both purple and rose pink in my stash.

Now, some people like their gems perfect and symmetrical, but I love the gnarled imperfections of these. Adds to their beauty. I wanted to keep this design simple and to incorporate silver. I'm a bit obsessed with hoops (as you may have noticed) and took some sterling silver wire -shaped, bashed and soldered some posts to the back. Finally, I oxidised them, because I love the antique finish with these quartz points.

I've included a couple of older designs to show you just how pretty these points are! They look beautiful with a simple or more elaborate design.

So -embrace imperfections! They are beautiful
Back in a couple of weeks