Monday, April 24, 2017

Hoarders challenge continues

Hello lovelies,

How are you all doing? I hope you are all enjoying wonderful spring weather. Here in Greece, the sun is shining and it is 24 degrees Celsius. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, just wonderful. 
And I am continuing my self-imposed challenge of using long hoarded beads for the earrings made for this blog.

I never would have picked the color combo pink and blue until one of my wonderful customers requested a bracelet in pink and white, with a dot of mint blue for some contrast. That color combo turned out great. My hoarders pick for today's earrings were sort of mint blue... so why not combining it with beautiful pastel pink? 

Ceramic disc beads by Bo Hulley Beads, one of my favorite ceramic bead makers. I have used many of her beads in the past and have hoarded even more. At the moment she is taking a break, but she will be back. Combined with some brass rings in which I managed to fit tiny Czech glass beads; vintage lucite bead caps, pearls in a wonderful soft pastel pink and more Czech glass (o-ring and firepolished bead).

These will be available this week in my shop. 
Thank you so much for looking and I hope to see you in a couple of weeks. 
Here on Earrings Everyday we appreciate and love to read your comments. So don't be shy and let us know your thoughts. 
Wishing you a wonderful day, full of joy, flowers and singing birds.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

We're All Ears :: April Reveal :: Eggs

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that I wondered if I would get the kids to color eggs with me? Well, they didn't need much prodding! But they were very wary of the camera (so shhhhh....don't tell the boy that I snapped this pic! teehee!)

We had a good time dunking the eggs in all different colors that my daughter mixed up: lemon, raspberry, grass, peacock, grape. I decided to do sort of a madras-plaid style by dipping the eggs in partway and then turning them and dipping in another color and another. They didn't end up very vibrant this year, and I am not sure where all those speckles came from as they dried (but I do like them!), but I would count this as an all-around success. Especially that I got to keep making that memory with my kids for one more year!

I thought about all different egg options that I had.... speckled blue robin's eggs from Humblebeads.... creating my own painted egg charms.... but I ultimately went back to my original inspiration: the pysanky eggs.

Those brightly colored eggs gave me the color palette. All of them! And I was playing around with how to translate a painting technique I have been doing for a few months called fluid painting or pour paintings into polymer clay. I think I may have cracked the shell on this one! (pun intended!)

So as I was making some other beads for my Art Bead Scene inspired challenge for my Simple Truths Sampler in a densely rich color palette, I noticed I had these ends with swirls leftover. I decided to make a couple of egg beads of my own.

Since they are really brightly hued and highly patterned with whorls and bends and swirls of color swishing all the way through, I decided that I should keep the rest of it simple. Some rustic headpins and a little bit of bling with the AB crystal rondelle beads was all it needed.

Now it is your turn! Show off what you made with the theme of EGGS!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Love in the heart and in the air

As we were just wrapping up a beautiful Easter weekend spent with our loved ones, I felt a lot of love and kindness in the air. Family, Friends and strangers are smiling more, the hint of warm sunshine and the light scent of fresh new flowers blooming creates a palpable positive shift in the energy around here.

Do you feel it too where you live? How about at home? With your family and friends?

This loving vibe and this sentiment is what inspired me this week:

I've designed a romantic 'vine' inspired design, because we're all intertwined by our feelings, our own vibrations and energy, as well as those of others around us. As my eyes were admiring the beautiful flowers blooming around town, my heart was also more open to see the beauty in others, even in total strangers I interacted with...

I've used the long 18 gauge copper wire with which I've created a pair of my Mokume Gane polymer clay headpins to not only set the beads on the earrings, but also to wrap around everything like a vine would do, coming on the way back down. It lovingly gently hugs the beads and rests on the drops, waiting for more places to go.

For these earrings, I've actually used one part of some pretty TierraCast lead-free pewter clasps. I'm not a huge fan of the bar-toggle type of clasps, but I liked the design of these with the 3 vine leaves, and I thought they could be a cool part of this design.

On my copper headpins, I've wrapped some sparkling yellow glass seed beads, as a repeat of the flecks of gold metal leaf found in my polymer clay drops. I've also added in some rustic TierraCast copper tone flat spacers, and a pair of Cosmic 12mm Indicolite Swarovski Crystals. The ear wires are non-allergenic Niobium ear wires (copper color with a copper bead accent), also from TierraCast.

I'm not feeling well enough to make elaborate time-consuming designs at the moment, but, as my dear friend Monica of TG Bears (her handmade bears are absolutely LOVELY) reminded me, I've come a long way since almost a year ago when I became very ill.

I'm feeling impatient at times with myself as there's so much more I'd like to do, but I'm thankful for my friends who love me and remind me to look at myself with more loving eyes, and to be thankful to do what I can at the moment. I'm definitely able to do far more than a year ago (and than most of last year). It's progress!

Thank you all for being here, as well as on FB/IG, and for all your lovely comments. It really helps me keep my chin up, and try to do a bit more despite having been so ill this past year.

More tests are coming with a neurologist (to confirm what we're 99.9% sure of what I have). It hasn't been easy, but creating art is healing, even if I'm not feeling well most days.

May you be showered with love and romance this Spring season xoxo

Nathalie Lesage
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Wise Woman Once Said...

...treat yo'self. 

Putting aside the trendiness of the phrase, there really is a lesson to be learned about knowing when to gift yourself a little something special. And I don't mean in a spoiled millennial consumer-happy "I deserve it" spending spree kind of way. You know, just a little something every now and then---maybe once a year, maybe more, maybe less. 

--- A "me-day" where you only do what you want to do, even if that means doing NOTHING. 

--- A nice bar of that fair-trade dark chocolate from Askinosie that you love. 

--- A new shift dress to show off those humble legs you've been working on shaping up.

It can be anything, and it doesn't have to have dollar signs attached to it. Sometimes the smallest, cheapest gifts can be the most meaningful.

For several years now, I've had a little box of stones that I have set aside for "me" pieces. Things that I knew I wanted to make for myself, given the time. Occasionally I'll come across a new cabochon that speaks to me and I'll gently place it in this little box. Promising that I'll get around to making myself something "some day". 

The other week I was noticing that this little box was close to overflowing---both with stones and with the best of intentions. Realizing it had been a while since I deliberately treated myself, I vowed to focus. 

These two sagenite spray agates were destined to be paired together in earrings. Mismatched but complementary, I love the movement of the spray in each. They remind me of tufts of black fox fur---primitive, animalistic, and in the dark neutral color palette that I've been loving lately. I set them both simply in sterling silver and hung them from hand-cast sterling silver studs so they can be worn as post earrings. 

When they were finished I squealed, thanked myself, and all was well in the world <3 

Happy Wednesday!
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ancient Egypt

Hello, and I hope this finds all of you healthy and well.

Ancient cultures have always intrigued me. The Ancient Egyptians in particular as they seem to have accomplished so much, at a time we think of as rather primitive compared with all that our species has accomplished over the last couple of hundred years. But in their time they were amazing! And yet, those amazing civilizations fell several times over a period of 2500 years. They were finally conquered by Alexander the Great around 330 BC. One of his generals a decade or two later created a Greek-speaking dynasty. Then in 30 BC, when Cleopatra died, Egypt was annexed by the Roman Empire and their very long and prosperous run as a "super power" of their time ended. It makes me wonder how one reaches such heights, only to let it slip away somehow, into the history books and through the sands of time. I'm sure there are lessons there for us somewhere. 

So that has absolutely nothing to do with earrings! But before I made these earrings I did some reading about cats, and Bastet, in Ancient Egypt. Along the way, I also read through some of the history and the timeline of Ancient Egypt, so that's where all that came from. :) As to Bastet, she was an Ancient Egyptian Goddess, often depicted as half female/half feline. Because of her, cats in general were held in very high esteem. The penalties for injuring or killing a cat were severe. Bastet was revered for different things in different parts of Egypt at different times, from warfare to fertility and childbirth :)

The Ancient Egyptian Cats are made from Yellow Bronze by Robert Gilmore of RobertWGilmore. Such wonderful detail in a thin and light component allows a lot of room to "add to." Ancient Egyptian jewelry often included red, blue and turquoise. And I have seen some including green as well but not as frequently. 

I used really lovely slices of Lapis Lazuli that I purchased from FunkyPrettyBeads. As an aside, I believe that shop is still having a Spring sale; might be just another day or two. 

Using brass-plated tiny-link chain I hung the cats from longer pieces, and the two shorter side pieces hold blue, red and green/turquoise Czech glass beads. The center jump ring is soldered and the three lengths of chain are attached to it. I used oxidized copper wire to wrap the top, along with brass rings, red glass and tiny brass beads. They are lightweight at 0.14 oz and just over 2.5" long. Lots of movement, too. :)

I wanted to mention that I am really enjoying our two newest contributors and their jewelry. Both Lindsay and Meridy create such beautiful pieces, and I always look forward to their posts. I hope you do as well.

Enjoy the day, and the next couple of weeks. I'll see you then. Thank you!

Much Love & Joy to each of you today & every single day!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter, Twigs and Fringes

Easter time. School holiday. We've had a busy and nice week with excursions and meetings with friends and family. I made these earrings just last night. Twigs and Fringes.

Art beads:
Ceramic twigs - Donna Perlinplim

Other components:
Different coloured waxed linen cord
Messy wrapped oxidized copper wire
6/0 seed beads
Handmade oxidized copper earrings hooks

Now, as I sit here and write this blog post and watch the images I took earlier this morning, I realize I must have been subliminally inspired by the season of the year and the typically traditional Swedish Easter decorations of coloured feathers on twigs or tree branches. It wasn't at all what I thought about as I made them last night. Isn't that just fascinating how the mind works in lovely mysterious ways :-).

All my best,
Malin de Koning

Friday, April 14, 2017

Butterflies 🦋🦋

Purple butterfly earrings

Enamelled butterfly charms: Angelika Kaufmann
Sparkling lampwork rocks: Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens
Wire wrapped hoops: Me
plus rhinestones, Swarovski rondelles, brass chain, brass ear wires and copper wire

Red rose and butterfly earrings

Enamelled butterfly charms: Angelika Kaufmann
Polymer roses: Leah Curtis
Wire wrapped ovals: Me
plus brass chain, brass ear wires and copper wire

Anyone would think I liked butterflies 😁.  Hope you liked today's offerings.  The purple pair is already listed in my shop.  See you again soon.

Suhana <3

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Have Pliers, Will Weave Silver!

I learned my first chainmaille weave about seven or eight years ago and have been hooked ever since.  I read tutorials, experimented with different weaves, and then discovered the fabulous "Spider," a chainmaille teacher well-known and beloved in the chainmaille community.  I got her DVDs and discovered that she was a young woman with a soothing voice and a way of clearly explaining how to get those pesky rings to slide into place and weave together to make intricately patterned jewelry.  I also watched how she held her pliers and how she opened and--even more important--closed her rings (there is a very particular way to do it).  And I learned.

I love it when I get into a rhythm weaving a pattern from the rings, watching my project take shape.  It is surprisingly meditative.   I've made necklaces, lanyards, earrings (these below are antiqued copper in European 4-in-1, with spikes by Karen Totten)...

...and bracelets (this one is copper woven in half-Persian 4-in 1, with a pretty dotted heart by Kristi Bowman-Gruel):

I once even weaved a flat piece of chainmaille to use as a mesh backing on which to connect a LOT of little jasper gem dangles for the focal of a necklace.  This is the back of the focal, showing the mailled mesh:  

And the front of the necklace...

That said, I haven't been making much chainmaille recently.  There just seems to be too many other things competing for my time, creatively and otherwise.  But a few days ago, out of the blue, I got the urge to spend some time "weaving silver" (as Spider would say), so I decided to make some new earrings especially for Earrings Everyday.   They're made in one of my favorite weaves, Japanese 12-in-2, and are sterling silver from top to bottom.  I love their graceful, sinuous shape.  

These earrings can be found here.

As always, thanks so much for reading--I'll see you all again in two weeks!  


Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Hello, and welcome!

Today I thought I'd introduce you to my favourite fibre bead artist, Carolyn Saxby.

Last weekend we went to stay in Foel,Wales, with our good friends Lucy (of Faerystone fame) and Harry Haslam. A year ago they bought a dilapidated but beautiful, very old (at least 1680's) house in a  tiny Welsh village and have proceeded to rebuild it as their dream home. It's already looking pretty amazing and I can't wait to see it finished.

Lucy and I were rooting in her bead stash on Saturday planning our next show and I was bemoaning the fact that I had run out of Carolyn Saxby's Tyvek beads........lo and behold, out came a bag full and I could choose the ones I wanted! What it is to have beading friends....

Carolyn is a textile artist and photographer based in  the beautiful coastal town of St. Ives in Cornwall. Whilst beads are a side line to her main art work, when she does make some they go like wildfire.  And you can see why....fantastic jewel tones and wonderful textures, all in one light as a feather bead.

Those jewel tones of sapphire, red ochre and mustard reminded me of the souks of Marrakech so I named these Mamounia. It's one of the world's greatest old hotels (1923) and patronised by the rich and famous - so needless to say, we didn't stay there, but the Riads in the old town are just as atmospheric. Do go if you get a chance. The rusty Moroccan lantern in the pic below - another of my favourite photo props - was picked up at the market along with a traditional clay tagine that I often cook with (well, ok, occasionally cook - not a great one for wasting time in the kitchen).

Nothing picks up jewel tones quite like swarowski crystals and bright copper (Lucy made those fab earwires for me).

                                                              And that's all they need.

                                                               See you in two weeks

                                                                      Lindsay x

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Retro Sping Vibes

Hi there! I hope you're having a fabulous day today!

I have a spring in my step (no pun intended). I get happy when I think of all the pretty blooms to come. One of my middle names translates to "Daisy" in English, and maybe that's why I'm fond of all flowers that remotely resemble them? I don't know, but I really do love them!

Flower from my garden, taken a couple years ago

This particular type of flowers really caught my eye because of the beautiful shades of mauve, purple, pink, yellow, white and orange. I spent a lot of time admiring these in my front yard. I totally forget their name (I'm terrible with plant names), it's not a fancy flower, but they made my heart sing.... and that's what matters to me :)

Another thing that speaks to me is retro vibes - I'm a bit of a hippie, I won't hide it lol so I went a bit retro, and bit wild, with my new Ebb & Flow Polymer Clay Components Collection, and these earrings feature a pair of the drops I made:
Ebb & Flow retro vibe Collection earrings by Nathalie Lesage

There's a multitude of little details, starting on my handmade square Polymer Clay drops, where I have used some Silver Metal Leaf to add dimension, as well as a trio of square silver tone metal studs.

I wanted to bring out the pink in these very lightweight Polymer Clay drops, so I used some Swarovski Crystals (clear & Padparadscha AB), along with a trio of sparkling Silver Glass saucers, and some little TierraCast Silver faceted spacers (on the bottom jumpring) to add even more eye-catching sparkles. Titanium hooks complete the look:
Visit to view the Ebb & Flow Jewelry Components and more!

I will be uploading a number of these new Spring inspired Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Components with a touch of retro vibe in my Etsy Shop this week. You can also find these new earrings there! I have so much to list, with a few different collections/colors, I need more hours in the day.

Do you have a favorite flower? How about a favorite color combo on your favorite type of flower?

Do you like retro vibes? It makes me feel lighthearted, and I feel like dancing to the rhythm of some  B-52 tunes lol How about you?

Thank you for stopping by! I hope Spring is finally finding its way to your neck of the woods...

I wish you all a wonderful Easter!

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Monday, April 10, 2017


Hello, hello, sorry, running late.

The challenge I have set myself continues.
Earrings made with long (and I mean LONG) hoarded beads and charms.

Cute ceramic charms with paw print by MartisButtonsnBeads.
Sadly, it seems this shop doesn't exist on Etsy anymore.

Beautiful green handmade lampwork beads by MayaHoney
Czech glass, brass rings, bead caps and ear wires.

These will be available in my shop this week.
Thank you so much for looking and I hope to see you in a couple of weeks. 

Here on Earrings Everyday we appreciate and love to read your comments. So don't be shy and let us know your thoughts. 

Wishing you a wonderful day, full of joy, sunshine and playing dogs.
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Friday, April 7, 2017

We're All Ears :: April Inspiration :: Eggs

A longstanding tradition in our family has always been to dye hard boiled eggs for Easter. I have done the Paas pellets, tie-dye, sponging paint, wax crayon resist, stickers, rubber bands, onion skins and cabbage for a natural color, and all colors of food dye you can think of. There was even that one Easter when the kids were little and I bought up every 100% pure silk tie from Goodwill, cut them up and wrapped the un-boiled eggs in them covered in a muslin coat so that the silk pattern would transfer to the egg (it really does work!)...just like Martha Stewart!

Since my boy is now a too-cool-for-school freshman in college and my girl is now old enough to drive herself away from my nutty arts and crafts, I wonder if this year I will be able to convince anyone to join me in some good old fashioned fun. They did it last year. Cross your fingers and toes they will do it with me still.

I have always loved the intricacies of the designs on Ukrainian pysanky eggs.

These detailed designs are done with a wax resist method. It looks painstaking to me. I am not that patient so I am not sure that I would do well with this craft. The patterns are simple, repetitive and bold.
"Simply put, it is an Easter egg decorated using a wax resist (aka batik) method. Its name derives from the Ukrainian verb “pysaty,” meaning “to write.”  (“Pysanka” is the singular form; “pysanky” is plural.)
But it is much more than that.  Ukrainians have been decorating eggs, creating these miniature jewels, for countless generations. There is a ritualistic element involved, magical thinking, a calling out to the gods and goddesses for health, fertility, love, and wealth.  There is a yearning for eternity, for the sun and stars, for whatever gods that may be."  
I like the idea that this ritual is handed down through the generations. I like that in the process there is a sort of magic, like when the images start to take shape as the patterns are formed. Eggs by themselves are full of possibility, but the symbols make these even more special.

The symbols are written on the eggs using a stylus that has a pin attached to it. These symbols were passed down from generation to generation, starting with more ancient pagan symbols that were adopted by religion. The writing of these symbols makes each egg like a little note. Then the eggs are dyed. Finally they are heated in an oven or with a flame to get the wax to heat up revealing the patterns.

There is a high level of precision in this craft....again, I wouldn't have the patience to not rush it or break the egg! It was not something done for fun, like dying hard-boiled eggs with my kids, but was done by highly skilled women. Today the tradition of pysanky are passed on to young children as soon as they can hold a utensil so that this wonderful cultural act can live on in the writing.

The colors all meant something as well. Lighter, brighter colors with a lot more white were given to younger people who have more of their story to write. Darker, more somber colors were given to older people. The colors were dyed one after the other in a very particular sequence so that at the end when the wax is removed the reveal is spectacular!

WHITE  Signified purity, birth, light, rejoicing, virginity.
YELLOW  The symbol of light and purity. It signified, youth, love, the harvest and perpetuation of the family. It is the color consecrated to the light deities, and the sun, stars, and moon. It the Christian symbol of reward and recognition.
GOLD  Spirituality, wisdom
ORANGE  The symbol of endurance, strength, and ambition. The color of a flame represented passion tempered by the yellow of wisdom. It is also the symbol of the everlasting sun.
PINK  Success, contentment
GREEN  The color of fertility, health, and hopefulness; of spring, breaking bondage, freshness, and wealth. In the Christian era it represents bountifulness, hope, and the victory of life over death. Green is the color of Christmas, Easter, and the Epiphany.
RED  The magical color of folklore signifying action, charity, and spiritual awakening. It also represented the sun and the joy of life and love. Pysanky with red fields or motifs are often given to children. In the Christian era it represents the divine love and passion of Christ, hope, passion, blood, fire, and the ministry of the church.
BLUE  Represented blue skies or the air, and good health, truth, and fidelity.
PURPLE  Represented fasting, faith, trust, and patience.
BROWN Represented Mother Earth and her bountiful gifts; earth, harvest, generosity.
BLACK Represented constancy or eternity, the center of the Earth, the darkest time before dawn. Black also signified death, fear, and ignorance.

So the challenge to you is this... use the EGG as your Muse for April, in whatever form you would like. Pick the rainbow colors that you remember as a child, or stick to more natural egg imagery as a sign of life and rebirth and the continuance of nature awakening in the spring. Or just a simple egg shape. Have fun with it! See you on April 21st... until then... Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

It's a boy

Sooooo much has happened since I last posted a couple of weeks ago. I had mentioned that I'd soon be a "grand-maman" later on in April. Well, turns out that this little cuddle monkey decided he needed to come out 3 weeks early (!!!)

My husband and our brand new grandson, wrapped in a soft baby blanket that I designed

We had a bit of a scare because of some late-pregnancy complications. His mommy was going to be induced to get him out last Friday, but he decided to come out himself without medical help... a few days earlier than planned.

Thank God everyone is now fine, healthy and safe. Little Harvey (and his mommy) ended up going on a 50 minute Air Evacuation Helicopter ride when he was just 30 hours old to get him ASAP to the big hospital on the South end of the Island as he was having difficulty breathing.

He is ever so precious and we're all very proud and happy of this new arrival in our family.

So, in his honor, I was inspired to make something in 'blue' to celebrate our new beautiful grandson:

I created this design starting with some cool 'iceberg' blue (gray-ish blue) Czech glass beads at the top, nesting them in some Bali silver bead caps.

I have a large collection of pearls - some of them I have purchased from one of my favorite Pearls seller on Ebay: Rainbow Island Pearls, and these large Keshei pearls with natural light shades of blue-mauve looked like a good fit. I love their uneven surface catching the light and adding movement... paired with a set of my small handmade polymer clay dagger drops.

These drops have specks of silver leaf, and swirls of greyish-blue. I used simple hypoallergenic Titanium ear wires to finish the design.

The polymer clay drops almost remind me of stars in the evening sky around here. They move a lot, and are really fun to watch. Very lightweight and versatile!

I think these earrings would be perfect to wear with a pair of jeans and a cool Summery tank top.  What do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

New Grandma (Grand-maman) Nathalie :)
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Half Cracked

I've never been one for smooth, shiny, flawless surfaces in my metalwork. There are plenty of artists out there who do it and do it beautifully. I prefer a little more texture, distress, and time-wear. Maybe it's because I'm an old soul with lifetimes behind me, who knows?

So I surprised myself last week when I was tinkering in the studio with some fold formed copper charms. Rarely one to plan out an exact design beforehand, I started out this pair by simply annealing matched squares of copper, folding them, hammering flat, annealing again, and unfolding---revealing beautiful rustic creases in the metal. Now normally I would next turn to my favorite texturing rock (plucked from our garden) and start banging away as if my life depended on it. For some reason, I stopped short halfway through this time. 

How about we just leave half shiny, smooth, and serene---as a stark contrast to the chaos of the textured side?

And this is how designs are born. 

I'm quite fond of making coin-like discs out of copper, so that's the final shape I decided to go with here. Reminiscent of an ancient coin plucked from the soil, perhaps. I filed a bit along the folds of each, sanded, sanded, sanded, oxidized, buffed, and sealed with wax. Simple, perfect for everyday wear, yet noteworthy enough to make you feel like a pagan goddess. 

Happy Wednesday!
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Love of Art Beads

Hello everyone and Happy April.

At the moment, this is feeling very surreal. Maybe it was meant to be, for whatever reason. 

I wrote a very long post. About my love of Art Beads. How I started making jewelry. My Art Bead Collecting, my passion for them as an art form, and a bunch of other stuff. 

Right now it's about 11:00 p.m. and I've had a really long day. My wrist is aching and my eyes are trying to close. Not complaining just setting the stage. :) I came back to my post to add the links for the earrings I just listed. I must have hit a Ctrl+A key combination and hit a key or the space bar and my whole post disappeared. I quick tried to Undo and I see that the Auto Save feature is saving it. The Undo did not work and it saved a completely blank page. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO. PLEASE NO. I tried to Undo yet again and it was hopeless. I looked around for somewhere there might be a backup but nada. 

There were six different photos in it, links to four or five different shops, links for the photos, all of which take a fair amount of time to complete, along with what probably amounted to three pages of blog. 

So rather than straining your eyes and maybe scratching your brain to read my lengthy narrative, this is it! Three new pairs of earrings made with Artisan beads by Petra Carpreau of ScorchedEarthOnEtsy and accompanying wheel beads by Jana Bliznakova of HappyFishThings. 

I am really very sorry but I just can't pull it together long enough to try to re-write it. 

Here are my earrings for today. With love and great big kudos to Petra Carpreau of ScorchedEarthOnEtsy.

Link to SheFliesAgain

Link to SheFliesAgain

Link to SheFliesAgain

As always, thank you so very much for taking the time to stop in and see what we've got going on, or maybe reading in your Inbox. We all appreciate it! Be back in two weeks. :)

With love, peace & happiness to all of you, each and every single day.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Let's go to the Fun Fair?

Scene: You have an extremely messy bead table. So many ideas and concepts tried out over a long period, which has left a myriad of beads and components just laying there. You sit and plainlessly fumble around with your beads. It's such an enjoyable process indeed. Then suddenly, you have something you didn't ever consider in the first place. But you like it somehow.

There is something about these earrings that make me think of some kind of fun fair or a merry-go-round from around the turn of the century 1900. Or a spinning top toy. You know the ones where you press a rod at the top and they start spinning. When I look at them I feel like I am happily swirling round and round.

Art beads:

White distressed matte glaze on dark ceramic cones - NadiaTerra
Green and lime glazed on edge raku fired on dark ceramic heishis - Jubilee

Other beads and components (from bottom):
Brass head pins
Brown 8/0 seed beads
Turquoise rubber heishi spacer beads
Gold and white distressed plastic bumpy heishi beads
Turquoise rubber heishi spacer beads
Red rubber heishi spacer beads
Red coral heishis
Opal white gilt lined 6/0 seed beads
Oxidized brass wire, messy wrapped
Brass square profiled rings
Vintaj brass earring hooks

All my best,