Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Retro Sping Vibes

Hi there! I hope you're having a fabulous day today!

I have a spring in my step (no pun intended). I get happy when I think of all the pretty blooms to come. One of my middle names translates to "Daisy" in English, and maybe that's why I'm fond of all flowers that remotely resemble them? I don't know, but I really do love them!

Flower from my garden, taken a couple years ago

This particular type of flowers really caught my eye because of the beautiful shades of mauve, purple, pink, yellow, white and orange. I spent a lot of time admiring these in my front yard. I totally forget their name (I'm terrible with plant names), it's not a fancy flower, but they made my heart sing.... and that's what matters to me :)

Another thing that speaks to me is retro vibes - I'm a bit of a hippie, I won't hide it lol so I went a bit retro, and bit wild, with my new Ebb & Flow Polymer Clay Components Collection, and these earrings feature a pair of the drops I made:
Ebb & Flow retro vibe Collection earrings by Nathalie Lesage

There's a multitude of little details, starting on my handmade square Polymer Clay drops, where I have used some Silver Metal Leaf to add dimension, as well as a trio of square silver tone metal studs.

I wanted to bring out the pink in these very lightweight Polymer Clay drops, so I used some Swarovski Crystals (clear & Padparadscha AB), along with a trio of sparkling Silver Glass saucers, and some little TierraCast Silver faceted spacers (on the bottom jumpring) to add even more eye-catching sparkles. Titanium hooks complete the look:
Visit to view the Ebb & Flow Jewelry Components and more!

I will be uploading a number of these new Spring inspired Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Components with a touch of retro vibe in my Etsy Shop this week. You can also find these new earrings there! I have so much to list, with a few different collections/colors, I need more hours in the day.

Do you have a favorite flower? How about a favorite color combo on your favorite type of flower?

Do you like retro vibes? It makes me feel lighthearted, and I feel like dancing to the rhythm of some  B-52 tunes lol How about you?

Thank you for stopping by! I hope Spring is finally finding its way to your neck of the woods...

I wish you all a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Gorgeous earrings Nathalie. Very retro-ish :) Perfect for spring and summer. Your polymer clay charms are perfect and I like the metal studs.
    Beautiful flower! I can imagine it makes your heart sing. My most favorite flowers are roses, lilies and orchids.
    Happy Easter

    1. Oh my gosh, Janine, have I got a place for you, if you love Orchids!!! I lived in Barbados for a number of years, and they have a gorgeous park/attraction garden called Orchid World:

      It's grown a lot since I first saw it (I think I went the first year they opened, and it was gorgeous then, and some friends went last year and loved it too). It's a must see if you ever go to Barbados :)

      Cheers, Nat xoxo

  2. It's the stargazer lily for me - although there are many runners up. Beautiful earrings Nathalie.

    1. Oh yes, stargazers are soooo gorgeous! I had never heard/seen those until a few years ago when a girlfriend of mine gave me some for my birthday. I was floored. Stunning beauties, they are!

      Thanks Lindsay for stopping by and commenting! Cheers, Nat xoxo

  3. Nathalie I love your vibrancy, the spring in your step, and your all around aura of happy. The addition of the silver studs in the pc drops adds that something extra that makes them stand apart! I love that. Flowers? I melt with bougainvillea in sight but I've always had a hard time picking a favorite. It depends on the day. 😊 The colors in your photo are stunning! I'd be very proud to have that flower in my yard. Thanks for a great post!

    1. Thanks for your comments Norbel! I love bougainvillea too... there's just so many wonderful flowers out there, it's so hard to just pick a few lol

  4. Nathalie, your earrings are so beautifully attuned to the flower you photographed--both of them so beautiful! Your polyclay drops are gorgeous.

    I'm a flower lover, but if I have to choose one I think I'd choose the poppy in all its infinite variations. xoxo

    1. Thank you Meridy! I planted some really pretty orange poppies one year, they were miniature/smaller, and so adorable! Our Spring is late going here a bit. I haven't decided what I will plant this year. We were away for a couple of years due to my hubby's work, and we were both so ill last Spring-Summer that nothing got done. My garden is feeling neglected at the moment :(