Thursday, April 20, 2017

Love in the heart and in the air

As we were just wrapping up a beautiful Easter weekend spent with our loved ones, I felt a lot of love and kindness in the air. Family, Friends and strangers are smiling more, the hint of warm sunshine and the light scent of fresh new flowers blooming creates a palpable positive shift in the energy around here.

Do you feel it too where you live? How about at home? With your family and friends?

This loving vibe and this sentiment is what inspired me this week:

I've designed a romantic 'vine' inspired design, because we're all intertwined by our feelings, our own vibrations and energy, as well as those of others around us. As my eyes were admiring the beautiful flowers blooming around town, my heart was also more open to see the beauty in others, even in total strangers I interacted with...

I've used the long 18 gauge copper wire with which I've created a pair of my Mokume Gane polymer clay headpins to not only set the beads on the earrings, but also to wrap around everything like a vine would do, coming on the way back down. It lovingly gently hugs the beads and rests on the drops, waiting for more places to go.

For these earrings, I've actually used one part of some pretty TierraCast lead-free pewter clasps. I'm not a huge fan of the bar-toggle type of clasps, but I liked the design of these with the 3 vine leaves, and I thought they could be a cool part of this design.

On my copper headpins, I've wrapped some sparkling yellow glass seed beads, as a repeat of the flecks of gold metal leaf found in my polymer clay drops. I've also added in some rustic TierraCast copper tone flat spacers, and a pair of Cosmic 12mm Indicolite Swarovski Crystals. The ear wires are non-allergenic Niobium ear wires (copper color with a copper bead accent), also from TierraCast.

I'm not feeling well enough to make elaborate time-consuming designs at the moment, but, as my dear friend Monica of TG Bears (her handmade bears are absolutely LOVELY) reminded me, I've come a long way since almost a year ago when I became very ill.

I'm feeling impatient at times with myself as there's so much more I'd like to do, but I'm thankful for my friends who love me and remind me to look at myself with more loving eyes, and to be thankful to do what I can at the moment. I'm definitely able to do far more than a year ago (and than most of last year). It's progress!

Thank you all for being here, as well as on FB/IG, and for all your lovely comments. It really helps me keep my chin up, and try to do a bit more despite having been so ill this past year.

More tests are coming with a neurologist (to confirm what we're 99.9% sure of what I have). It hasn't been easy, but creating art is healing, even if I'm not feeling well most days.

May you be showered with love and romance this Spring season xoxo

Nathalie Lesage
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  1. It is great that you chose to look at the beauty around you than the illness in yourself. I hope that it heals you

  2. What a wonderful thoughtful post Nathalie. Thank you for sharing. I believe it is very important to see the beauty around us and in the people around us. Your earrings are beautiful. I am so happy you progress. Perhaps sometimes baby steps in your eyes. And perhaps two steps forwards, one step back. But it is progress!!! Stay strong!

    1. Thank you Janine xoxo Yes, I have to focus on the progress. I have to take it 5 minutes at a time some days.

  3. Art certainly does heal! I know that I am at my best and happiest when I am creating something from nothing. I love those mokume gane headpins! I keep playing with that technique and making variations. It reminds me also of the new paintings that I am doing that are pours of loosely layered acrylic paints. I am excited about making a ton in different colors! Thanks for sharing these beautiful layered earrings. And be well! Enjoy the day! Erin

    1. Don't you just love how each stack of mokume gane turns out wildly different? It's like opening a Christmas gift each time :) Nat xoxo

  4. Nathalie, I very much like these polymer pieces. Tropical blues and greens with tiny flecks of "sunshine!" There's a whole lot of work in these earrings. I know that, any designer knows it. Look at the polymer pieces alone!! :) No beating yourself up allowed! :) And as for what you see in others. . . . life can be so very complicated, but it can be made much easier by just loving, rather than judging. Sounds like such a simple concept. . . right?. . . in theory, but our species almost naturally judges the others we see around us. Offering a silent blessing of love rather than a "what a bad haircut" as an example, would change the world. Literally. Okay, time to drop the philosophy and get back to earrings. :) They're lovely.