Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Hello, and welcome!

Today I thought I'd introduce you to my favourite fibre bead artist, Carolyn Saxby.

Last weekend we went to stay in Foel,Wales, with our good friends Lucy (of Faerystone fame) and Harry Haslam. A year ago they bought a dilapidated but beautiful, very old (at least 1680's) house in a  tiny Welsh village and have proceeded to rebuild it as their dream home. It's already looking pretty amazing and I can't wait to see it finished.

Lucy and I were rooting in her bead stash on Saturday planning our next show and I was bemoaning the fact that I had run out of Carolyn Saxby's Tyvek beads........lo and behold, out came a bag full and I could choose the ones I wanted! What it is to have beading friends....

Carolyn is a textile artist and photographer based in  the beautiful coastal town of St. Ives in Cornwall. Whilst beads are a side line to her main art work, when she does make some they go like wildfire.  And you can see why....fantastic jewel tones and wonderful textures, all in one light as a feather bead.

Those jewel tones of sapphire, red ochre and mustard reminded me of the souks of Marrakech so I named these Mamounia. It's one of the world's greatest old hotels (1923) and patronised by the rich and famous - so needless to say, we didn't stay there, but the Riads in the old town are just as atmospheric. Do go if you get a chance. The rusty Moroccan lantern in the pic below - another of my favourite photo props - was picked up at the market along with a traditional clay tagine that I often cook with (well, ok, occasionally cook - not a great one for wasting time in the kitchen).

Nothing picks up jewel tones quite like swarowski crystals and bright copper (Lucy made those fab earwires for me).

                                                              And that's all they need.

                                                               See you in two weeks

                                                                      Lindsay x

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  1. Oh, I couldn't agree more on your comments about the fabulous beads from Carolyn. Aren't they amazing. Love what you did with them Lindsay. And Lucy makes amazing ear wires.

    1. Yes, Janine - hoping for more soon, as I'm sure you are. xx

  2. I love these. They are like cocoons made by magic carpet silk moths x

  3. Lindsay!!!! I'm melting while drooling! The Tyvek beads are beautiful. I have almost depleted my supply from a shop no longer making. I'd be very grateful for any lead in that direction. 😊 What a wonderful friend you have in Lucy. And the earrings are beyond beautiful! Love the beadcaps too! Thanks for a great post!

    1. Carolyn's Etsy shop (link at the top) is closed at the moment for a while Norbel - but you can leave your email for a notification when she reopens.

  4. "As I was going to St. Ives/I met a man with seven wives..." :)

    These are GORGEOUS! Carolyn's beads are show-stoppers, and you have done them proud, Lindsay! I don't believe I've ever seen a Tyvek bead in person, and I need to remedy that!

  5. Oh wow, amazing beads and gorgeous earrings! I agree that there's nothing like Swarovskis to pick up jewel tones. Stunning!

  6. Light the incense, put up the tents, gather around the fire, and pour the wine - these are spicy stunners! :)

  7. I adore the texture on these beads! They have a feel of well-worn fabric, with the frayed edges and the antiquing. So intriguing! Enjoy the day! Erin