Thursday, March 31, 2016

At North Farm

I'm filling in again today. I thought I'd share this pair of earrings. You know when you spy something online and think, 'Yes! I know what I'll do with that!'? I'm sure you do. Sometimes, however, you receive the item and for some reason - size, or colour, or shape - what you planned isn't going to work.

I'd love to pretend that I whipped up these dinky crochet baskets. Sadly not. I spotted them being sold as ornaments on Etsy. I worried over whether they'd be too large but I took the plunge and ordered. I think if they'd been any larger they would have been too big, but as it was they were just right. Which left me with the task of putting together what I'd imagined.

All the while I was making them I had half a mind telling me, 'This isn't going to work', but, in the end, I'm rather happy with the outcome.  And I have five more mini baskets to play with! 


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

GUEST POST :: Suhanna Hart of Buttoned Up Beads

Hello, lovelies! 

Sometimes we have an extra day or two in a month and when that happens we like to extend an invitation to designers that we enjoy to have them share their unique design perspectives. 

Today, the Earrings Everyday crew welcomes Suhanna Hart of Buttoned Up Beads. 

Suhanna is from the United Kingdom and creates jewelry that has a fresh, bohemian spirit. Her work has wonderful color and layers and textures. Check it out! ~Erin

Frida Earrings

I’d made several earrings with Petra’s (Scorched Earth) Frida charms but wanted this next pair to be different.  I focused on the flowers from the decal print and wanted to make a garland to go around the charms, but still wanted the pictures on the charms to stand out. I had oval-shaped connector rings which were just the right shape and size. The ear wires are handmade by Faerystones.

So I set about building my garland by wrapping small glass flowers onto the oval ring. After I’d wrapped about 3-4 I realised how bulky the earrings would become if I continued to wrap the flowers around the entire ring. I stopped at 5, then added some seeds. But then I thought having five 7mm flowers on one side and size 11 seeds around the rest of the ring will make the ring quite unbalanced in terms of weight. I found these butterfly connectors/charms and added those to the oval ring. 

I assembled the earrings (minus the leaf dangles) but they weren’t quite balanced enough for my liking and they looked a bit bulky so I added the leaf dangles to resolve this.

So we have Frida earrings with her flowers and butterfly garland. I hope you like them

Suhana Hart
Business name: Buttoned Up Beads
Etsy shop:

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Copper Spiral Earrings

I love spirals.  They are found throughout nature, art, mathematics, space and more.  Its fun to keep your eyes out for spirals as you walk through a city or in nature.
From an apartment door in Seattle.

By Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Spiral Galaxy
So naturally I fell in love with these copper spiral charms by Kristi Bowman Designs.
The charms look so pretty with these faceted prehenite beads, but their oblong shape looked awkward with the shape of the copper.  So I tried several versions of what you see above.  First I discovered that 6 prehenite beads made the circle too large. I tried using 4 beads on Fireline, but the Fireline wouldn't hold a round shaped.  So I tried 4 beads on thin wire and found they were hard to shape nicely. They made sharp angles with gaps between the beads that left the wire exposed.    When I added some matte crystal seed beads between the prehenite, I was able to bend the wire smoothly, without gaps between the beads.   Sometimes it is surprising how much fiddling around it takes to get things just right.
I'm pleased with these now, and I'll probably try this same approach with some other earring charms and a different gemstone.
If you'd like to add these earrings to your spring and summer wardrobe, you can find them here.
And now I'll leave you with one of my favorite nature spirals: A sunflower.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Earrings instead of Chocolate Eggs

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter with your loved ones. Did the Easter Bunny hopped around and left you delicious chocolate eggs? Here in Greece we have to wait some weeks for Easter. And no chocolate eggs for me. Nope, not for me. I will stay strong; I will not touch any chocolate eggs. I think. I hope.

Well, enough about chocolate eggs, let’s talk about earrings. That’s what you are here for, right?
I’m a wee bit busy with my daytime, number crunching, job at the moment, so there isn’t much designing going on right now. Except for last Saturday. I made some custom order bracelets and of course a pair of earrings.

The beautiful enamelled earring charms made by Cathleen Zaring are my go-to charms when I want to make something colourful. Her designs never fail to brighten my day and make me smile.
Here I combined them with lampwork glass beads (Radiant Mind Beads) in a delicious pink, vintage Swarovski beads for a bit of extra bling and sari silk.

Thank you for looking!
I wish you all a wonderful week.
Esfera Jewelry

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Plumbing the Rocky Depths

Some beautifully etched zipper pattern beads by Bernadette Fuentes that I picked up last year at the Tucson Gem Show paired with some of Petra's Scorched Earth daggers. The most recent elements are the crusty limpet bead caps I made. They are lampwork.

I saved Bernadette's beads for a long time, I wan't sure if I would ever use them, maybe just keep them in a collection. I don't buy lampwork all that often. These beads kind of just lined up on my worktable. I just wasn't sure at first if the bead caps would work but I'm pleased with the result.

The combination of the crusty bead caps, silky etched lampwork and then the glazed daggers stack up for a nice effect.
Here's a better view of the little cruster limpets that seemed to want to hug Bernadette's beads
I like to give the option of offering shorter earwires. Not everyone seems to be comfortable wearing long earrings like I do.

Do you suppose I was subconsciously inspired by the colors and patterns of the mine that we drive by here in Bisbee, Arizona?

Thanks for looking!
Kimberly Rogers

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Unusual, Irregular and kinda Sexy

I have absolutely no idea how this design came to fruition.  The hoops were actually irregular squares to start.  Taking my pliers to them, I worked them to long ovals. I don't remember where I was going with that thought, but looking across my work bench, I saw this enameled blue chain link that I purchased at Hobby Lobby a long time ago. The two looked pretty sweet together, however I had to get creative on how to attach the links to the hoops vertically and tight so they wouldn't slide all over the place.

Unfortunately the links did not match up to the size of my hoops, (keep in mind this was a design in progress and I would have made the hoops fit to size), nevertheless, I took 28 gauge thin wire and threaded it through the links winding it over the hoop ends reinforcing with a dab of super glue.  I know....super glue?? I don't have the means to solder in my current work space, but I'll tell ya, those babies aren't going anywhere.  I added the stones of Citrine at the bottom to bring out the tones of the brass around the blue links.  I was quite thrilled with the end result.

So that's my lesson learned for the day, as it turned out on a positive note.  I plan on making more of these with different chain links and drops, the possibilities are quite endless.

Thanks for visiting and we'll see you again in two weeks,  

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I have actually taken a step back from writing regular posts, in order to free up some extra time. However, I'm still about the place and will be popping in to cover when people can't post, which is the case today. I thought I'd share this pair.  They're some of my current favourites.

I love the rustic African ebony wood beads with their silver band, and the pitted recycled glass discs. I'm also rather besotted with the cool pendant pieces, from my ever growing stash of Kathrin Kneidl's beads. 

Really, they're one of those pairs of earrings which, well, if they don't sell I won't mind too much.

Bye for now, Claire

Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Love and Bonus Beads

Hi, and here's another pair of earrings inspired by spring, it's atmosphere, colours and the light. I just love MissFickleMedia's green patinated hammered copper rings. 

On another note, do you see those pale pink bicone beads with golden stripes? I got them as a bonus freebee gift with a purchase last year. They are very pretty aren't they. I got only two of them. And an interesting phenomenon I have noticed when it comes to myself is that if I have only one or very few of a particular bead, I tend to be more lusting to use it in my designs. Seems like if something is rare it somehow becomes more valuable. Not necessary money wise, but more as if it is more unique and special and therefor more attractive. And I am always more attracted to things which are more unique. Goes for people, places, objects and just anything really. And beads of course.

Anyway, I wonder if any of you recognize this when it comes to your own bead stash? Or is it just me?

  • Patinated hammered copper rings by MissFickleMedia
  • Matte golden seed beads
  • Pale pink large bicone lucite beads with golden stripes
  • Pale pink druk glass beads
  • Messy wrapped oxidized copper wire
  • Handmade copper (oxidized) ear hooks

I wish you all a lovely Happy Easter and more wonderful spring weather.

All my best,

Friday, March 18, 2016

We're All Ears :: March Reveal

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." ~ Robert Burns

I had the best intentions with this month's challenge. I love the mandala shapes, the bright color palette, the intricate patterns. I actually wanted to do something with wire and beads and a frame (of course, seed beads terrify me as anything other than a mere spacer bead, but I foolishly thought that maybe I could teach myself a little bead weaving or something....clearly, I am delusional). I might still revisit the ideas that I had, but with the time dwindling down to nothing, I knew I had to enact a plan B.

I am working on putting together an art exhibit for this fall so I have been amassing all manner of stuff for all my lofty mixed media ideas. Maybe it is just an excuse to splurge on tools and materials, I don't know. Anyway, as I stood in the middle of my studio around 9:00pm (I spent all day trying to get my receipts wrangled for tax time - I'm up to September. Woohoo!), dumbfounded as to what I could do with the few remaining hours I had left, I spotted a set of specialty paints that I bought for my show. I needed to find a time to play with them and determine what use they would be to me, so why not kill two birds with that proverbial stone?

These paints are called Pebeo Prisme paints. Tiny little pots of liquid metallic colors that yield the most fantastic results. They had settled quite a bit and needed a lot of stirring, but the colors were rich and shimmery and the effect might just work to give a mosaic feel to the little charms I found in my stash.

I layered the colors by dripping them on top of each other using a toothpick. Then I just sat back and watched the magic happen.

You see these paints react to the air and each other by making natural honeycomb shapes. As they dry, the effect changes minute by minute. What I didn't realize is that these paints need a minimum of 6 hours to dry to the touch (72 hours to be fully cured!). Ah, well.... I couldn't very well disturb these little charms working their miracles.

Morphing Mandala {temporary} earrings

But I did ever-so-gently pick up the first pair I made, using a color palette straight from the inspiration, and quickly made them into some very simple earrings, before dismantling them to rest for the full cure time. Aren't they fab?

Pairs, anyone?

I quite like the effect of these paints. They have a wonderful morphing nature that is unpredictable. That is why I like them so much! So now I know how they react and I am excited to make them the stars of some of my art pieces that I am planning, plus I think a little line of these funky earrings (made to look a lot better than these temporary ones up above!) might just be the thing to fill up my case at the gallery for spring and summer!

I might even decide to make some pairs available in my shop in case others want to use them as well, in case anyone is interested... I will see how this batch turns out, because where you see them now is not likely how they will end up, and then I might want to add some resin over the top to make them really POP. It will be quite exciting to see them in the morning! [UPDATE: see the new picture above to see some of the changes that happened overnight.]

I can't wait to see what you created using this inspiration!

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Luck Of The Irish

True confession - I forgot that I had a blog post due today, but I had a touch of the luck of the Irish at the last possible moment.  A bout of insomnia roused me out of bed and into the living room.  I picked up my laptop, looked at the date on the screen and OMG, it was the 17th!  Sooo, I made these earrings, photographed them and here I am at 5:00 a.m. writing this post!  Although I'll undoubtedly feel sleepy all day, I have to believe that my lucky leprechaun must have been looking out for me.  And lucky for you, I now have these earring to share today.

 The ceramic hoops were made by Marsha Neal Studio.  I really liked the combination of creamy off-white with the green, so I added cream colored flower beads, some African glass and brass wire accents.

I plan to wear these later today, after I catch up on my sleep a bit.  Are you wearing green jewelry today?  Wishing you luck and happiness all day.  Happy St. Pat's!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Crocus, Anyone?

This morning I was admiring the recent posts here on the EE blog and was struck by the color palette--we all seem to be in the mood for spring pastels, including me, for once. I'm usually not one for pastels, as I prefer bold earthy darker hues. But the recent warmer weather, sunshine, and brisk breezes have me in the mood for crocus purple, anemone blue, and hyacinth pink. 

At Tucson this year I snagged a handful of matched agate drusy earring pairs in beautifully muted pastel hues. The adjective "glam" is not a word I would typically use to describe my jewelry, but when I saw these soft little drusies I was struck with a vision of sparkle. And so the past week I've been working on a series of metalworked post and drop earrings featuring these wondrous little miracles of nature.

This particular pair features a beautiful pair of amethyst drusies in soft lilac purple with a warm amber tinge. I created simple sterling silver bezels and then accented the shapes of the stones using some of my beloved cratered hand-cast granules. I wanted to design these post/stud earrings so that when worn, the shape and sparkle would really light up the curve of your lobes.

I'm still working my way through all 10 pairs of these, so stay tuned in about a week to see the results! 


Happy Wednesday and Happy Spring!


LoveRoot on Etsy

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A bit moody

I have two pairs of earrings to show you today, both made from the same set of polymer clay beads. They're Image Beads made by Jon Burgess of JBDRusticOrganic. I really am intrigued by Jon's image beads. This particular set is a bit dark, a little on the moody side, which I love, no matter the time of year. Jon makes these beads in great variety, colors and patterns. He creates the digital images and transfers them to the clay. You'll enjoy a walk through his shop if you haven't been there before, or if it's been a while since you have.

The first pair I made for Earrings Everyday two weeks ago when the earrings, at least the focal beads, were damaged by a Lab's wagging tail and a cup of coffee. They actually changed a bit since last time and I added a second pair. Both are wrapped with oxidized coper. The first has four round, brass dangles hanging from the holes on a copper beadcap, topped with natural nuggets of beautifully rustic Turquoise, the other beadcap, a couple of vinyl beads and a yellow glass bead.
With the second pair I got to use the gorgeous handcrafted Lampwork glass beads made by our own Kimberly Rogers of Numinosity and Numinosity Beads.  Two tiny brass teardrops provide a change of shape and texture.  

The light weight of the polymer beads gave me a little more freedom to "build" without worrying about the weight.

That's it for me this month. Have a Great Day! I'll be back on April 5th.

p.s. I take my photos in natural light, and it was about the worst day possible for picture taking. I apologize for the poor quality of the images.

Norbel Marolla

Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring flower

I don’t know about you, but I not only have a large stash of beads but a large stash of bits and bobs as well. Let’s just say I have difficulty parting with stuff. You never know when you might need something.
So, what to do with ball chain leftovers? Making earrings of course.

There are endless possibilities. Give the ball chain a lovely patina, use a great variety of beads etc. 
 I was a bit stressed for time so I kept these earrings sweet and simple with beautiful handmade polymer clay tulip beads by Too Aquarius. I am ready for spring. 
Thanks for looking.
Esfera Jewelry

Friday, March 11, 2016

Swaying Branches Earrings

I'm ready for spring and all those sweet colors that come with the blooms, buds and tiny robin's eggs. I created the birch bark sticks from copper, paired them peanut seed beads and check out those tiny bugle beads that look like bark! Swoony. Yes, swoony. (That's swoon-worthy.)

I layered them with a tiny nest charm from Vintaj that I added a touch of color with Vintaj Patinas. I paired them up with two polymer clay Humblebeads, one in a birch pattern and a lilac spacer.

Hurry up earth, start blooming!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Just Needed Some Love

There the asymmetrical etched spotted headpins sat in my shop. 
unloved, un-bought-en and finally expired
Then they become my challenge.
I just got some of RaggedRobyn's wonderful stoneware bicones in the mail this week

A little Bali silver and Lila Koberstein's ceramic discs to equal out the length a bit

Good to go, ready for some lobe love!

Thanks for visiting 
Kimberly Rogers