Thursday, March 24, 2016

Plumbing the Rocky Depths

Some beautifully etched zipper pattern beads by Bernadette Fuentes that I picked up last year at the Tucson Gem Show paired with some of Petra's Scorched Earth daggers. The most recent elements are the crusty limpet bead caps I made. They are lampwork.

I saved Bernadette's beads for a long time, I wan't sure if I would ever use them, maybe just keep them in a collection. I don't buy lampwork all that often. These beads kind of just lined up on my worktable. I just wasn't sure at first if the bead caps would work but I'm pleased with the result.

The combination of the crusty bead caps, silky etched lampwork and then the glazed daggers stack up for a nice effect.
Here's a better view of the little cruster limpets that seemed to want to hug Bernadette's beads
I like to give the option of offering shorter earwires. Not everyone seems to be comfortable wearing long earrings like I do.

Do you suppose I was subconsciously inspired by the colors and patterns of the mine that we drive by here in Bisbee, Arizona?

Thanks for looking!
Kimberly Rogers


  1. Every element in these earrings is beautiful. Put them together and they sing!

  2. There is no doubt that you are inspired by what's around you. Just look at that photo!! I would probably not have put those colors together. Living in a very green place I find that I am always gravitating towards greens and blues. I love the earrings! Thank you for the great earrings and for a real lightbulb moment! A good bonk on the head!! :)

  3. nice design of earrings.your blog is very nice. thanks for sharing it.

  4. Your rimpets tend to be very good at hugging other beads...a marriage of perfectly imperfect finds!