Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Snakeskin Drops

Anybody who knows me at all probably knows one of my favorite textures is something I call Snakeskin! I've made these Snakeskin Wrap Beads before but it's been a long time so I decided I need to make more. I do love them so so so much, I'm really happy I decided to make them again.

Those who know me also know my crazed addiction to Headpins. So of course I had to put some Amazing Headpins in to these Amazing Snakeskin Wrap Beads (at least I think they are pretty amazing) added a little Sari Silk which I love to do and they made some absolutely gorgeous earrings. I hope you agree!

The Amazing Lampwork Headpins are by

I've sold out of the few beads I made but I'm making more as we speak!
These earrings have already sold as well but I'll also make more earrings.

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  1. Such a beautiful combination of glass headpins and the metal rounds

  2. Oh I love them Kristi. All the colors and textures work beautifully together. Your snake skin texture is awesome :-)

  3. Yep, I sure agree, these are amazing. I am addicted to beautiful head pins as well, so I know what your mean. Another wonderful pair of earrings Krisi. And please, do make more of the copper snakeskin wrap beads!!

  4. just gorgeous Kristi, this is a match made in heaven!!!

  5. You do amazing things with headpins, and you do amazing things with copper clay. The snakeskin beads could well stand on their own. They're awesome! But what you did with them and Pati's headpins is spectacular! Yum!