Friday, February 5, 2016

We're All Ears :: February Inspiration
NOTE: This artwork is to be used for educational purposes only.
So I went to the MET. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wish I could say that I was actually in New York City. It was online. And they have a function there called Artwork of the Day, a random piece of art to enjoy every day. This was the artwork on Wednesday, February 3rd.

This is a gilded copper alloy statue dating to the 18th century of a standing Buddha.
NOTE: This artwork is to be used for educational purposes only.
According to the MET: "This work represents the Kandyan-period style of Buddha imagery at its best. The Buddha's physique is robust and the full face does not display the softness of features seen in lesser works of the period. The auspicious marks (lakshana) seen so prominently on the gilded seated Buddha displayed nearby appear here as well, and the left arm is now lowered, a convention that persisted throughout the later Kandyan period."
NOTE: This artwork is to be used for educational purposes only.
From another earlier 16th c. gilded statue, I read that Buddha exhibited many marks of lakshana - or his Buddhahood. Things like his extended earlobes, his urna forehead mark, the ushnisha or flame protuberance on his head and lotus markings on the hand and feet.

What I love about this....
  • the peaceful expression on Buddha's face
  • the flame motif over his head
  • the slight verdigris color blooming in the crevices
  • the ripples like water in his robes
  • his outstretched hand
  • the palm of his hand has flowers carved into it
  • the tight nubs of his hair
  • the square earring shapes in his lobes
  • the swirl bindi on his forehead 
  • the flower shaped dais he is standing on

(To see these really up close, click on the links to the MET, then click on the picture to zoom in to see every minute detail.)

What inspires you with this ancient statue?

Make a earrings inspired by the Standing Buddha statue and join me here on Friday, February 19th for the reveal of the We're All Ears February Challenge!


  1. It's beautiful and very captivating, for sure. I will be very interested to see how people will translate this to earrings. Love it!

  2. Oh I love this! I might have to create copper pieces just for this challenge!!