Monday, February 15, 2016


I recently saw the film Whiplash for the first time. I saw it with my son Conrad, 13, who had seen it himself only a couple of days before. And he really wanted to share it with me. I must admit I was completely blown away. What a film! One of the best ones I've ever seen in my life. The story, the two main characters and their relationship, the acting, the filming, the cutting, the music and everything how it all comes together. It is so musical and artistic and so visually excellent. I know that the jazz nerds are critical towards a lot of details about for instance how the music versus the visual don't fit many times. And other things too, like if you actually were a jazz drummer like the main character you would't go about training like that. But I don't care about that. The film is a masterpiece. As a film! It is not meant to be a documentary. The question we are left with is of course, how far can you go to in your search for creating brilliance. Where does the line go? 

The next day we saw it again. Obsessively needing the kick from it one more time. And the soundtrack is really amazing. Moorish! Guess what - we saw it again last night. Did I mention my son is taking drum classes since a little more than a year back? 

Anyway, these earrings are not really made with the intent of being a tribute to the film, but somehow they relate to it anyway. To myself - on a personal level. And I've listened a lot to the soundtrack over the latest period.

There are the musical notes in the head pins by MissFickleMedia. The rest of the beads are a mix of high and low with swarovskis and pearls (large rustic ones) on one hand, and African kakamba and vinyl beads on the other. More you will find czech glass, seed beads, rubber discs and ethnic glass beads.

I am very pleased with these ones. Love to wear them too. I'll probably keep them to myself.

All my best,
Malin de Koning


  1. Malin, thank you for sharing the great mother/son story, and your delight in the movie! Love those headpins, and the change in color between the two earrings. Good for you for keeping them for yourself!

  2. Malin, oh! Thank you for sharing the story about the film and you/your son's interest and involvement in drumming. Not long ago, I watched a documentary (that term makes it sound far more boring than it really is!) about Ginger Baker, who is a drummer extraordinaire and who stated that drummers are usually not seen as musicians but more like bits of a stage, at least from the money-making end of things. Oooooookay, right, I was talking about earrings here! :-D
    ...and thank you especially for sharing photos of the great looking earrings that you aren't going to let slip away!

    1. :-)
      I'll look for that documentary about Ginger Baker. Thank you!

  3. Your story put a huge smile on my face. I love that you both watched that movie together for a couple of times. And your earrings are so sweet and fun. Love the headpins and your combination of beads to go with them. You are so right to keep these for yourself!

  4. These are so whimsical and playful - beautiful pieces! :)

  5. These are just wonderful, Malin! So fun but beautiful too!