Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Rock the Weekend

Strange days, aren't they? How to keep sane whilst isolated at home? Do I keep my little business running or not? Without creating, I'd go bonkers. More than that, creating adds a good dollop of mindfulness in a spinning world.
But we are not supposed to visit the Post Office unless essential and our village one has closed, so  a drive to the nearest town is needed.  Anyhow, I had orders to send to the US, so I sorted myself out and finally got to grips with paying on line for my postage, and printing address and customs labels. I shall go back to supporting my local Post Office when we come out the other side.
So on to the earrings. I'd had a marvellous strand of Mexican Sun Agate delivered - each piece a tiny world of colour and texture. At some point I intend to make a necklace with the majority, but in the meantime I couldn't resist picking out the more stunning pieces to make some earrings.

The sun agate lends itself to rustic designs, and goes well with jasper - picture or leopardskin - and rustic, crusty pearls. But you can make a statement pair just with brass wire and beaten brass square studs. Versatility! And as I'm lucky enough not need the additional income from my jewellery (being  a pensioner - doesn't feel too good at present, but there are upsides, trust me!) I'm donating all my profits to our local foodbank for the foreseeable future.
Stay safe everyone, look after yourselves and your families. See you soon.
Lindsay xx


  1. I love those raw stones and you made gorgeous creations with them!

  2. Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ Lindsay!!
    Had a similar conversation with Hubster last night... His thought to me, I share: “ you love to create... create! This too shall pass” Hugs to you!

  3. Do what you can to stay sane. This agate is wonderful stuff x

  4. Really striking work. Good on you for donating the sales to your food bank. Love that!

  5. well now, these are just stunning!

  6. omg I can't even pick a favorite!!!!

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