Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Soul is a Private Place

We all have moments where we just want to curl up and shield ourselves from something: the world, reality, a specific event, a person, or...whatever. 

Last week was one of those moments for me. It sounds cliche to have been so affected by the death of a celebrity, but David Bowie's passing hit me pretty hard. My husband and I are both avid music lovers, and many of Bowie's albums are among our favorites. The beautiful and private ending that he chose for himself deeply resonates with me. You see, I'm a private person, too. And as a fellow creative, I have nothing but respect, awe, and thanks for the art that he so generously shared with us, the world.

So in the vein of needing a little bit of temporary protection, here's a pair of copper fold-formed and repousse-ed earrings I made several weeks ago. They curl and buckle in all the right places, reminding me of an insect carapace or one of those rolly-poly bugs we used to find under rocks as a kid. I finished them with a weathered yet warm patina. Moderately bizarre, but kinda cool. I'd like to be able to swear to you that these will help repel the negative. Guess my skills haven't quite progressed to that level yet ;) 

Hope you're all staying warm and grounded this time of year! 

Happy Wednesday,
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  1. I was seriously coveting these! Bowie - I can't even...

  2. Oh wow, these are fabulous! I love the unusual shape!

  3. wow, these look like little bowls; beautiful!

  4. Love these, moderately bizarre though they are! :-D But, yeah, I hear where you're coming from on David Bowie.

  5. Indeed, somewhat bizarre but very clever!

  6. Your creativity continues to amaze! Sorry for the loss of Bowie. . . . there are many growing older that will seriously hurt.