Wednesday, January 27, 2016


It's funny when your workbench is a mess, creations sometimes just fall into place.  That is exactly what happen with these glass and pewter beauties!!! Your at that point of, "I cant find anything, must stop and organize".  However these times can show opportunity right in front of your eyes.

The pewter charms made by Vincent and Nooma of Inviciti  are spectacular, smaller in size than my normal purchases, but I really love these.  I was determined to incorporate them with the lamp work glass discs by my most favorite glass maker, Leese Mahoney. Her work is beyond anything I've ever seen, I feel very fortunate to work with her designs. And your really lucky if you can get some of her beads!!

I love everything about the two together, texture! color! fabulous!!! perfect fit.  Just wish I had about 5 more pair to sell, they went super fast!!!

Thanks for visiting friends, see you again in two weeks, ♥


  1. I am not surprised these sold super fast. Great collaboration again Lynn: You, Vincent, Nooma and Leese. Love these.

    1. thank you Janine, it helps when your among great talent, I love to support my fellow artists, ♥

  2. These are fabulous! I love the glass beads and the way you've wrapped them with the metal pieces. My work tables are always a wreck! If they are ever cleaned off it's only for a brief moment! But I hear what you are saying - I think we need to have that chaos to create! At least it helps. ha :-D

  3. Yummy!! I love the vivid red but it's crusty too which is always a plus. The Inviciti charms are so cool and you've put them all together in an unusual way. LOVE!

  4. You already know I love these! Think they may be one of my favourite of pieces of yours that I've seen.

  5. I love these, Lynn. The gorgeous frosty red is perfect with the pewter. Perfect! <3