Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Of The Earth

Hiking at Cape Disappointment, WA 2012
It's winter here in WA state. The landscape is a lot of gray, and muddy browns. I'm not one that dislikes one season or another, one day over another.

Yes some are easier than others. Some more enjoyable. But I like to keep an open mind and take in all that my surroundings have to offer.

My jewelry work is largely inspired by nature and the beauty I can find there. No matter what the season, no matter what the weather.

Winter brings cold and rain and mud. It also brings green trees, red holy berries, water puddles for children to stomp! Just remember, it's all good.

Of The Earth. 
Silver, Gemstone, Ceramic Earrings, Art & Soul Jewelry

I found these gemstones at a bead show in Portland, OR. Purchased from Dava Bead & Trade. I clearly remember picking up the strand... mulling it over in my head. Why I should I buy these? They were on the $$$ side and they were mostly flawed stones.

The woman in the booth saw me and she must have read my mind because her words to me where that these stones are Of The Earth. Each one special and precious and the cracks and flaws are actually what make them beautiful. And I must have believed her because I bought them, and have loved them ever since!

None are matching. Yet I have still managed to make several great looking pairs of earrings with them. I love the facets, the deep brown color and how each one is unique. And yes, they are Of The Earth. How can that ever be bad?

Silver, Gemstone, Ceramic Earrings, Art & Soul Jewelry
I have wrapped them in .999 fine silver wire. And paired with some handmade ceramic beads finished with a two part brown and red glaze. Ear wires are hand forged, .925 sterling silver. Available at Art and Soul Jewelry.

I see this set with a soft, red, long sleeved sweater. Maybe a V neck or deep plunging neckline. A pair of soft brown corderory jeans and some tall boots. I'll leave that to your imagination.

Looking for handmade ceramic beads? Check in  with me the last week of this month! I will be offering sets of handmade beads!

Peace & Love,


  1. Cindy, you live in a beautiful area! Breathtaking. And those earrings amazing. I can understand why you had to buy those stones. And your ceramic beads and handmade ear wires are just perfect with them. The colors of the earrings remind me of the earth: vulcano's with red hot lava and stone that have melted into beautiful brown glass.

    1. Thank you Janine! I appreciate it! Love the lava and stone interpretation! <3

  2. Love the earrings Cindy. They have a real earthy feel to them. Your ceramic beads are always gorgeous! I really envy where you live, it is so pretty!

  3. beautiful color flow, earthy yet still on fire!!! Love, ♥♥♥

  4. Cindy, I love your thoughts on weather (life) and the earth. You are right, that it's all good.
    I love the stones! These are obviously a good pair; they're beautiful, and I do love what you did with them. Great contrast in color and shape, and the choice of silver is right on. Love the red rounded squares, too. All the way around, it's all good. ;)

    1. Thanks so much Norbel! I appreciate that very much! :-)