Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bare Bones

To compensate for a couple of brief posts of late I'm sharing three - !3! - pairs of earrings today, as they're related and were all produced in one session. I didn't do lots of Black Friday bead shopping last year, but, as ever, I couldn't resist a little (okay, not at all little) Yuki splurge. 40% off? Like I can resist that! Amongst the many things I slung in my cart were these weathered-looking, charcoal-coloured bone shapes. Why didn't I buy more?!

I really love everything about them. To complement their kinda pauvre feel, I decided to go for spare, minimal embellishment, adding long sticks of various seed beads: delicate, unobtrusive, but still holding subtle variations in colour and texture.

The next pair are a little more ornate.

Finally, I was struck by the similarity between the shape of the bone pieces and that of these enamel drops made by Georgie of 4Ophelia. I love spotting these potential confluences, so I couldn't resist putting these together.

That's it for today. Bye for now, Claire


  1. All 3 are fabulous!!! Sorry I missed the Yuki sale!!! :(

  2. Just love them Claire. All three. So very you. Lovely rough look. Those beads from Yuki was a true find.

  3. They're all lovely, I really like the middle pair.

  4. Gorgeous, I've not ordered from Yuki before, I can see why you wanted more!!!

  5. These are amazing, Claire!! All of them! Great find, too!

  6. Your style is so recognizable Claire. I love the rustic feel. And your earring / jewelry are always edgy. Beautiful.