Monday, May 28, 2012

Vintage Feel to Modern Copper!

I was gifted these wonderful copper pieces by my friend Sharyl. How sweet of her to think of me and send me as little gift! I was instantly inspired to use them, they were just too fun to leave sitting on my work bench!

 They really shine in the sun! What a beautiful day to take pictures in the backyard! So these beauties will be available in my Etsy Shop and just in case you might be thinking about coordinating, I think this necklace is a lovely match! Unrelated, but made at the same time and look wonderful together!
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  1. Love that copper and green together--that's such a nice green too, it reminds me of the "prairie green" beads I have. Your pendant is especially lovely!

  2. A sweet gift for a sweet girl, Marie! You did the perfect thing with the copper pieces, just the right touch of green and sparkle! I can see that these earrings would look great with that necklace. Hardly anyone likes a perfect match anymore!