Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We are Young

These earrings are crafted using some rustic cut Apatite nuggets,  bronze bead caps from Lesley Watt, and some pretty faceted Ruby Jade rondelles. Dangling on long Vintaj Brass kidney ear wires- these earrings are trendy, colorful and fun! Speaking of which, enjoy this song by the band called Fun.  This is We are Young.

These earrings can be found in my Etsy shop, Lorelei Eurto Jewelry. 


  1. These are darling! I just love the apatite nuggets paired with the ruby jade rondelles!

    I'm kind of stuck in the 70'-80's music, so for my birthday I thought I should find some new music to listen to and I asked the expert--my sweet 23 year old daughter. She made 6 CD's for me, and this song was one of the songs she included. I love it!

  2. What a wonderful stone, those slices are great! Love them stacked up like little cairns. Very nice with the ruby. Great photo too, by the way. I love that tabletop.

  3. oh my gawddddd, love those colors. super cute and perfect for spring/summer

  4. Those colors are so great together...would wear these in a heartbeat!!

  5. Bright and colourful, perfect for spring!!