Monday, April 30, 2012

Forest Floor

Season, smesheason - I've you love a theme, symbol or charm - wear it whenever it's calling your name!  There is never a time I would snub an acorn - they are such great symbols of perseverance and how one person can make a difference! 

"From the smallest acorn grows the mighty oak."

I'd 'spring' up an outfit a little with some brighter colors, a cute cardi and capris. 
Throw a tree handbag and your ready to go!


  1. Those are just fab! Love the wrapping with the seed beads, what a luscious shade of grape! Love it with the olive green and the silver.

  2. Fun, and isn't it funny how it's almost easier to make designs that are {technically} for a season or two ahead?! I like how you added the pop of color in the coil of seed beads.

  3. I love green and purple together of course, and I love those peyote tubes - did you do them yourself? they are on my list to learn!