Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Walk, turn; walk, turn; walk, turn....

So goes the path of a labyrinth, a medieval stone maze often set into the floor of a church and used as a prayerful and contemplative journey inward by penitents for centuries.

The most famous and oldest surviving labyrinth is found in the Cathedral of our Lady of Chartres in France. This 13th century marvel of architectural engineering still has most of its original stained glass windows intact and the facade with the famous flying buttresses is much as it was when it was built over 800 years ago.

{photo courtesy of Wikipedia}

As soon as I saw the pattern on these ceramic tile charms from Marsha Neal Studios I felt that they looked like this ancient labyrinth. The devoted will bow their heads and walk the lines putting themselves in a meditative state. The twists and turns spiral ever closer to the center, closer to God. They make the journey inward rather than outward, and there is much to be discovered within. Finger labyrinths are also popular and can be used in much the same way. Perhaps wearing these earrings, with their little ceramic tiles would remind me that there is much to be discovered within if I am patient and devoted to finding my own truth.

{the journey within - labyrinth - treasures for your ears available on Etsy}

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  1. Love them! I had put "walk a labyrinth" on my bucket list for the summer of 2010. I wasn't exactly sure where I would find one when I wrote it, but it was something I really wanted to do. My youngest daughter and I went to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens late that summer. There was a stone labyrinth! We both walked it barefoot - warm stones under our feet. It was heaven!

  2. Those charms are luscious! Love them with the almond-milky beads.

  3. Such a beautiful pair of earrings!!! I love seeing how dressed up those small porcelain pendants get when they arrive in the hands of another artist - THANKS for being so wonderful to them!