Friday, April 20, 2012

Embossed Earrings

I love embossing metal blanks from Vintaj.  It's super easy and a lot of fun to emboss and paint the blanks too. If you have yet to try this's a must! To learn more about it, check out this page on

I just found this site (thanks to Pinterest, of course!) that has helpful info regarding alcohol inks and color combinations. Check it out!

Kristy Abner


  1. Love this blog site, not only for the great earrings, but also it's generosity in sharing about inspiration and technique sources. Today is a prime example! Thanks so much.

  2. Great design! I am taking a jewelry class and we are learning about textures!

  3. so sweet! Love the green ones especially!

  4. Nice technique...I checkout out from the link and wanted to thank you for the help.It is good to grow exchanging ideas and learning in the process.

  5. Your owl earrings are very cute!
    Experimenting is such fun, especially when you decide to do what you don't dare to do or think will fail.