Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tribal Masks featuring Jean A Wells

Today I wanted to share the work of a wonderful and creative artist
Jean A Wells

I have admired her Bohemian style for awhile
 and I'm happy to share these creative and beautiful earrings with you.

Jean has used beautiful focal masks by Barbara Hanselman
 which are Barbara's interpretation of the ancient giant statues
 found on Easter Island in the Polynesian Islands. 
The beautiful Lampwork beads are by Cheryl Harris.

I love the way Jean combined the earthy rustic tribal masks with bright and colorful beads!

You can find Jean's work in her Etsy Shop and she has a wonderful Blog.



  1. Those are amazing! I love her work too. I love how she's constructed these earrings, and the pop of red with the soft blues and greens. The dotted lampwork are a great contrast to the earthy masks--they make me think of a vibrant African batik!

  2. Those are incredibly creative earrings! I love them :)

  3. Thank you for sharing these awesome creations, Heather! I'm a big, but silent, fan of your websites, and while I admire all the artisans you have featured, this is the first time I have been moved to comment here. The use of these compelling totems, combined with brightness of glass and strength of metal, just seems so natural and unaffected. What a stunning combination!

  4. I think Jean just keeps on outdoing herself! These are fantastic earrings, I love them!

  5. Jean constantly wows me with her creations where she uses other artists hand formed parts - her sense of combining these leads to such wonderful artistic statements which we can all wear. I just wanted to add that the Easter Island Guys in clay as well as other clay components for jewelry making can be found on my Etsy site, BHClaysmith.

  6. I love the way you used my little lampwork beads in these earrings! The design is lovely.

  7. Thank you Kristi and Heather for featuring my earrings on your blog. It has been a real pleasure. And, thank those of you that commented for your kind words.

  8. Oh, and I also want to say that without the creative genius of Barbara and Cheryl, these earrings would not have been possible. Thank you two also. (I feel like it is my night at the Oscars or something!)

  9. Those masks are just the coolest and Jean did such an amazing job putting it all together, I'm thrilled to share her work and so happy you all enjoyed it!!!

  10. Wonderful earrings :) So unique!

  11. That is the most clever thing ever! I think those would be a great conversation starter. I see these paired with a flowy skirt and a bohemian top. Awesome!
    Enjoy the day.