Friday, August 5, 2016

We're All Ears :: August Challenge

I am the exact opposite of outdoorsy.

So, yeah, there is no camping in my life. Sleeping on the hard ground, battling bugs, no facilities. Not for me.

But I do enjoy nature. And I love a good campfire. That is about the only thing that I would be able to get behind with the whole camping thing.

My new fire pit....Isn't she a beauty?!

This spring, in anticipation of my son's graduation party in my backyard, I decided that we needed to retire the old rusty fire pit and upgrade. So I made my largest Amazon purchase ever and bought a beautiful extruded aluminum fire pit table. I also purchased 25# of glowing golden fire pit glass (made with real gold!) for an exceptionally beautiful look. Of course, I haven't used it as much as I would like (often the night I want to use it, I will find my son out there with his friends), but this fall I am hoping to really fire it up (he will be leaving for college soon so it will be all mine!). Oh, and did I mention it is propane powered? Just flip a switch and you are ready to go! (See...even with a fire pit I am not so "camp-y"!).

[Photo credit :: Tirza van Dijk :: Unsplash]
The one thing that I miss from our old rusty crusty fire pit is the way it would light up my senses.

[Photo credit :: Luke Porter :: Unsplash]
Yes, I get the beautiful dancing fire and the heat, but that smoky woody haze that hangs in the air and lingers in your nose, or the crackle of the flames, and the way it looks in all its many stages from the hottest leaping tongues of fire to the slowly deepening dying embers.

[Photo Credit :: Alex Holt :: Unsplash]
I do miss some of those things. But I still get my s'mores...with my retractable telescoping marshmallow forks! (And, hey! Flip of the switch! No clean up! I do love my firepit!)

[Photo credit :: Autumn Mott :: Unsplash]
So for August, as the summer winds down and the stars are shining, our theme is campfires. The wood, the fire, the colors, the s'mores....whatever you think of as evoking this summertime tradition.

[Photo credit :: Wil Stewart :: Unsplash]
Join me back here on Friday, August 19th to get your campfire on!


  1. I might have to join this one! I can't resist as camping is something we enjoy in our family ... but it means we go up to our camp in the Adirondacks.

  2. There is something so mesmerizing about fire, contained fire I should add. :) I love the colors; love the serenity of it all, even amidst of something that can be so dangerous. This is a great challenge; so many different ways to go! Thanks, Erin, for this great challenge, and for all you do.

  3. Cool theme for the challenge! We are planning a camping trip to Glacier National Park, Montana in mid-September and I have had cool nights and campfires on my mind.

  4. You always come up with fun challenges Erin!!

  5. campfires and dancing around bonfires are the only thing I like about the concept of campig, otherwise the tents, the bugs and hikes really bug me out