Monday, August 29, 2016

Fetchingly Light

I'm finding it increasingly challenging to come up with designs that reflect my personal style now that so many have discovered all of the wonderful components available online in groups and shops.
That's when I fall back to relying on my own components that I haven't made available to others yet.

These earrings were created with some polyclay pieces that I made in a workshop with Christine Damm at Art On the Farm in Vermont last May.
I fell in love with the techniques she taught us as I am all about texture and lightness when designing earrings

I dug out some of my old seed bead stash to stack up on these copper enamel headpins that I got from Alaskan artist Tamie Hageland from Copper Creek Studio

I had such fun making them I had to repeat the design in a different color

These are fun and lightweight to wear and you'll see nothing like them! 

Thanks so much for looking. I'll be on a break now to go visit some of my European beady friends that I've met online along the way.
If you'd like to see pics from my trip you can follow my Instagram page here:

Adios for now!
Kimberly Rogers


  1. Your earrings look awesome! Love your polymer pieces!!

    Laura xo

  2. Love these Kimberly. Artistic, full of texture and beautiful colors.

    1. Thanks Janine, it was lovely seeing your face on fb today. Hopefully I'll at least get to meet your twinsey!

  3. Kim, these are wonderful! Both pairs! You are not alone in the effort to stay true to you, yet find elements you won't see elsewhere. Making your own is about as good as it gets, in my humble opinion. You have such talent in so many different arenas. Just keep on, your work is great! Enjoy your month in Europe. Revitalizing and inspirational! xo

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment and for giving me a spot of blush this fine day. Will be thinking of you guys ( and probably talking about you too!)

  4. Love love love these earrings Kimberly. Both pairs. Have fun in Europe.

  5. Thanks so much Malin, I most certainly will!

  6. Thanks so much Malin, I most certainly will!

  7. Polymer clay is the great chameleon. I love your components. I do the same thing... I like to make my own as much as I can and then I find that I don't really want to make them for anyone else! I love that you can translate this design into other colorways. I took a class years ago with Miss Christine. It was a wonderful time! Enjoy your vacation! I want to know more about your travels (says the girl without a passport....) Enjoy the day! Erin