Thursday, August 11, 2016


I've been using rainbow colors in many of my painted copper components lately.
The earrings I'm sharing with you today are a variation on a pair I made awhile back with my
Rainbow Lotus Components.
None of my components in these but Glass Beads from 2 different artists play very nicely together!

Rainbow Earrings available HERE

Headpins by Janell Nelson and I haven't been able to find who made the other little beads yet.
I topped them off with beautiful little bright Turquoise Beads, I use these little blue beads so much I'll be sad when my strand is gone. Especially since I don't remember where I got them!!

Since I mentioned the first pair of Rainbow Earrings I made I guess I'd better share them too!

Thanks so much for joining me here at Earrings Everyday.
It's almost FRIDAY!!!!



  1. I love rainbows. And I love your earrings. Beautiful rainbow colors, very joyful.
    And your painted copper charms are amazing.

  2. Nice earrings, and your lotus components are amazing! Pretty sure your bead artist there is Patti Cahill of Dyed in the Fire Designs, I have some of those beads too :)

    1. Thanks so much Julie, Patti Cahil, you are correct!! The Rainbow Lotus have to be right up there at the top of my favorites list!! :)

  3. I usually am not a big fan of large dots, but mixing the two here as you did made them work really well. I'd wear them! And I love your painted copper. Each and every pair is a cheerful expression of you. I love them. Patti Cahill's Etsy shop was titled just that, PattiCahill. I'll have to check if she has a free-standing website since it looks as though her Etsy shop has been down for quite some time. I'm drawn to those beads as well. That's why it's so interesting to see others' work. I wouldn't have given those beads a second look had I not seen them in your earrings. So thanks for that! And the lovely earrings. :) Happy Weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Norbel!! I got these from Patti on FB. She posts pretty regularly in some of the Lampwork Bead selling groups.