Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Blast From The Past. Fused Hoops. Cindy's Art and Soul

I am still very busy working on new jewelry for my August 31st shop update. Therefore I am going to share some earrings I made about six years ago. They are being modeled by my beautiful daughter who magically makes them 100 times prettier! Don't you agree?

Interestingly (or not?) enough, back then I was naming all my creations in order to keep track and ID them. This set I named Molly which is the name of my dog now. (fun fact!) 

I am still very proud of this design and that is why I am sharing it today.

Created with pure copper and pure silver, the hoops are fused. Fusing occurs when the metal is heated to the point of being molten and thus does not need solder. Fusing copper can be tricky, but is so rewarding, for me. I adore the rich hues of this metal and the natural patina that begins even one day after polishing. 

See you in two weeks! 


  1. I can imagine why you are still proud of this design. I would too if I were able to make these. I could wear these every day.
    And what a beautiful daughter you have. I can imagine you are very proud of her as well.
    Good luck with all the work to be done for your shop update. I have marked my calendar so I will not miss your gorgeous work.

  2. These are fabulous and your daughter is gorgeous!! I wish I had a beautiful model handy when I'm taking earring pics!! They are retro yet timeless!! I'm looking forward to your update!!!

  3. absolutely gorgeous, your earrings and your daughter. Very Boho-Hippy. My favorite earrings are good ole sterling hoops, wear them all the time, ☺

  4. Cindy, these are beautiful, timeless, and incredibly difficult! I cannot begin to imagine what you went through, the time and patience it must have taken for you to teach yourself to fuse copper. I had no idea, first of all, that it could be done. I am amazed! Fabulous! And the Sterling is fused as well? You are so talented, Cindy. The "mechanics" of jewelry making is my weak spot. I truly appreciate your work.