Thursday, January 1, 2015

Here's to 2015

So, it's fallen to me to wish you a happy new year and share the first pair of earrings of 2015!  How I wish I had a new pair to share with you! I've not made many earrings for a few weeks now and those I have made are for magazine submissions so they're under wraps.  Lacking new earrings, I thought I'd look back, on my blog, to see what earrings I'd made this time last year and share those. To my amazement, I found that the earrings I made a year ago are the first pairs I shared on this blog, which means I've been a contributor for a whole year! I can't believe it!  Since that approach didn't work either, I thought I'd share one of the most - what's the word? - significant(?) pairs of earrings, personally speaking, that I made in the last year.

These earrings were the first thing that I made with my new ceramic beads when I started making them last summer. (The lampwork drops were made by Anne Gardanne.)  Starting to make ceramic beads and getting a kiln were certainly the most significant jewellery-related events of 2014 for me. Perhaps the most significant thing full stop! I love it and I'm looking forward to doing much more of it in 2015.  What have you lined up for 2015? Whatever the year brings you, may it include many, many earrings!

Anyway, once again, let me wish you all a Happy 2015!
Bye for now, Claire


  1. Cute and fun. I love the bright colors.
    Happy New Year!

  2. These are beautiful! I love the birds and their blue dots- how they play off the shiny blue grass drops. Really pretty! Great colors. Very happy for you and your new kiln and bead making adventures. I am really loving your new beads. I have been on the same path in 2014 and have the same feeling about the coming year. I can't wait - and am also really loving working with the clay. Best to you Claire! I know this will be a great year! :-D

  3. So sweet! I just love your designs. I love those crackled birdies with the little red dots--you nailed it, right out of the chute!

    1. Oops! I said they were blue dots! I should really finish my coffee before posting... :-P

  4. Thank you for sharing these joyful earrings. What a lovely way to start a day. My goals are to develop my polymer opals and minerals more and to make earring components from them for my new shop.

  5. These are adorable, Claire! I love your spotted birdies, and your play on colors is perfect! Very fun and refreshing for the New Year!

  6. These earrings are very "Happy" and I just love these little birds, they bring a smile to my face and make me look forward to 2015 :) Happy New Year!