Friday, January 9, 2015

Festive Sparkles

Over the years, I've accumulated a large inventory of high-quality jewelry components, and as I learned new metal working techniques, I sort of moved away from using ready-to-use parts and favored doing my own. But, these components are so pretty, I decided to bring them out to play, and make a good number of earrings for the Christmas Craft Show last month.
It was really nice to offer them as well as my more time-consuming/higher priced designs. 

These new Swarovski Crystal Earrings were very well received, and I have decided to also offer them on my website.... These are just a few examples of the earrings styles that I made:

Amber & Montana Blue Copper Chain Earrings (Sold)
All these earrings are set on non-allergenic Titanium ear hooks (from RioGrande), and are created using USA-made Tierra Cast components (lead-free), beautiful chains (from ArtBeads), sparkling colorful Swarovski Crystals and tiny glass beads.

Light Green & Blue Gunmetal and Gold Tone Earrings
  It's fun to play and design earrings using the various textural and visual elements.
You can really come up with new fun and flirty designs :)

Lilac and Clear Silver tone and Gunmetal Earrings
Each pair is unique (one of a kind) in terms of design elements and/or color.
Playing with the vibrant colors and beautiful shapes
of the Swarovski Crystals always makes me happy!

I'm not finished uploading the bulk of these designs on my website (I hope to have this completed within the next couple of days), but if you want to take a look at what I have listed so far,
you can find this new collection in my lead-free pewter section HERE.

Thank you for stopping by & have a wonderful weekend!
Nathalie Lesage at
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  1. Natalie, these are utterly charming. I am not surprised that they sold well.

    I love the wisdom you displayed taking a little break from your labor intensive "make your own components" and switching to using wonderful components made with virtue.

    Bravo. I am going to come back to this post all through the day, learning from it.

  2. Beautiful Nath! I love the multi bead / charm look. Each one has so much to look at and offer the eyes. I really love how the purple pops on the last pair. Really pretty designs that could go great dressed up or casual! Love it!

  3. Love all the sparkly colors! Love the way you've designed them, incorporating the chain. Keeps them casual while still being festive!

  4. These are so fun and distinctive. I love the Tierracast pewter and Swarovski crystal together. Some of my favorite things to play with :).

  5. Wow! - You've been busy. Love the second pair in particular!