Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cedar Earrings

Shortly before we left to Mexico, we took our niece and her fiancee to the one of the few temperate rainforest in the US; a day's drive from our house.  While there we saw giant maples and firs draped with veils of moss.
We also saw what is supposedly the world's largest Western Red Cedar.
"QuinaultLakeCedar 7274c" by Wsiegmund - Self-published work by Wsiegmund. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons

I was thinking of that humungous cedar when I made these earrings.  
 The brown ceramic hoops by Marsha Neal, represent the reddish-brown wood of the Western Red Cedar.

 The swirling green, muted purple, black and cream of the lampwork by Beads and Botanicals, represents the cedar branches, moss and all the lush forest growth. I topped the earrings by my own handmade ear wires that echo the round shape of the ceramic hoops.

If you ever have an opportunity to visit Washington's rainforests, don't pass it up.  You'll be glad you went!


  1. Such beautiful Earrings Linda!! I love Marsha's ceramic rings with the subtle color of the lampies. Our Washington Rainforests are an amazing treasure and so are these wonderful earrings!!

  2. I love brown and I love those earrings! I also love trees...

  3. beautiful Linda! I too am in love with the Rainforest here in WA. My spouse is Quinault Indian and his family lives there. So the area is especially meaningful for both of us. So glad you were able to visit and enjoy the big cedar! Again, Lovely earrings. They totally represent the trees. :-) Cindy

  4. These are really lovely Linda! Beautiful pics of the moss and the tree too.

  5. Gorgeous earrings! We have a very similar park on Vancouver Island, called Cathedral Grove :) We have a Douglas Fir tree in there that is over 27 feet in circumference, as well as loads of gigantic red cedars :) Enchanted forest and enchanting earrings xoxo

  6. Wow! The colors in these earrings are so pretty and some of my favorites. The hoops are great too.

  7. Beautiful! You really captured the rich colors of the forest. I like your graceful, curving earwires too. Bravo!