Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Primitive Patinas

Blue Peacock Patina Copper Earrings

Over the past couple of years, I have taken a break occasionally to create rustic hammered copper pieces. I play with joining different shapes and textures, using different weights of copper sheet, and of course there are the patinas. My goal is to develop my own style of applying colored patinas that is unique and appealing, so I play a lot. In the top pair of earrings, I use blue and green patinas over a darkening patina for a peacock effect. The colored patinas were purchased from Shannon German of Missficklemedia, who also sells tutorials on the subject.

Ruddy Red Patina Copper Earrings

On this pair of hinged copper earrings, I have combined red and yellow patinas over a darkening layer. The colored patinas go on one over another while they are still wet, so that the colors will run together a little. After the colors are dry, I applied a thin layer of Permalac to seal them.

Working with metal can be a welcome change from my usual direction with earrings. I like to mix it up, and I think it's important to maintain variety in my jewelry. Each pair of earrings should all be easily identifiable as mine, but I want each design to have its own character as well.

Gloria Ewing

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  1. I love the patina on these earrings, especially the last pair with the earth colors. Thanks for sharing the process.

  2. Brilliant color! I love the shapes as well.

  3. These are splendid! The colors, the OOAK quality to them, the shapes. Deeply satisfying.

  4. I love the designs and patinas! Very rustic and original... gorgeous!

  5. Those patinas are so fantastic! Both pair of earrings are wonderful, but my favorites are the blue and green because the shapes remind me of happy little creatures. Wonderful!

  6. I love these designs of yours. That blue patina is fabulous!