Friday, January 30, 2015

Wild Child earrings were inspired and created to match a necklace I recently made, using similar components and beads. The inspiration necklace included a beautiful artisan lampwork focal I picked up in a tiny little (The best kind!!) bead shop in AZ last year. Really nice workman ship. I love buying artist's beads. Knowing that I can contribute to someone else's art while feeding my own creative needs is the most rewarding experience for me.

The artisan lampwork bead has shades of black and gray and a bit of a lavender hue as well.
I played off the colors of the bead by adding in some lavender jasper (from Alexanders Bead Bazaar- Seattle, WA) along with some gray labradorite, white African glass and finally some handcrafted ceramic beads (Cindy's Art & Soul) in shades of gray.

Wild Child

Wild Child by cindybeads featuring nars cosmetics
Black stone, Periwinkle Jasper and Handcrafted Ceramic Earrings by Art & Soul Jewelry
With the earrings I had to get creative since I didn't have the large focal to work with - I chose some small (found) black stones. The stones were hand picked from the beach here in WA - just last week! I drilled them and wrapped them with fine silver wire - adding in the lavender Jasper and handcrafted ceramic beads by Cindy's Art & Soul. The ear wires are hand crafted, sterling silver.
You can find these earrings along with the matching necklace at
If you are looking for ceramic beads - there's a small collection there for those as well. And more coming next week! (ya!)

Peace & Blessings,


  1. I literally gasped when I saw these earrings. LOVE them!! I love the whole gray/silver/charcoal palette in practically every context, but the wire wrapping on these really makes them spectacular, and the addition of the soft lavender color makes them a real standout. Beautiful as ever!

  2. Love the earrings the set! What a great find to begin with!

  3. I am totally smitten by these fabulous earrings (and wow, what a fantastic necklace too!), and I agree, the wire wrapping really makes them spectacular. Sooo gorgeous! If I had a million dollars, I would own every single piece of jewelry that you make. I just love all of your creations!

  4. Splendid. Utterly splendid. You are on a roll this week.

  5. Love how you have turned simple beach pebbles into something so pretty and sophisticated

  6. Love the color palette, the wire wrapping, and that focal bead on the necklace.

  7. Love the subtle colors and your lovely wire work!