Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Has Left the Building

As we bid farewell to 2014 today, I'm reminded of the importance of making a memorable exit. Preferably a graceful one, although we all know that sometimes that isn't the case ;)

Creatively, this year has been my most thrilling yet. I've been humbled time and time again by the kindness and friendship I've encountered from souls all across the globe. The sharing of personal journeys, compassion during painful times, and inappropriate hilarity over silly stupid stuff. And all from just jewelry! I'm not talking about tackling world hunger or making peace between warring nations - simply putting beauty into the hands of individuals, one by one, piece by piece. 

So while I sometimes feel petty and materialistic for being so obsessive over jewelry, I quickly remind myself that it's about so much more than bead hoarding or shnazzy techniques or the biggest bling. The happiness you bring to others' lives is immeasurably priceless. Because in the end, this life is all we have, and love is the only thing that matters.

Well now that I've gotten all philosophical and misty-eyed, let me get back to my original thought about leaving with a bang. 

This pair of earrings is 100% party and will have people remembering you for all the right reasons. I dare anyone to make yummier lampwork glass headpins than my dear, dear friend Kim of NuminosityBeads. This sleek drippy slate gray pair has been dotted with gemmy confetti, crowned with a stack of crusty Roman glass discs, and wire wrapped for a slinky yet playful silhouette. 

So on that note, Happy Wednesday and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

LoveRoot on Etsy


  1. I so know that feeling - that I'm doing something really trivial and trinket-y. Glad you've had a good year. Yet another stunning pair of earrings!

  2. Ohhh these earrings are soooo deliciously gorgeous! What a way to make an exit!! Wishing you a fantastic 2015 filled with love and creativity!

  3. Splendid earrings. Soulful combination of components. I can't stop looking at your work! Many 2015 be filled with even more joy within you and even more joy transmitted by you.

  4. Love the luminous, iridescent lampwork with the crusty glass! And yes, the slinky shape is very sexeh!

  5. So happy to be following your awesome blog...I make jewely too, but nothing like your gorgeous earrings.

  6. Nice post. And very cool earrings!