Thursday, December 18, 2014


How is everyone faring up? Done your last craft fairs? Got your shopping sorted? On top of your handmade gifts and commissions? On the craft fair front, I was very lazy this year. I just did the one regular one that takes place in my town. It's actually a monthly market which I do all through the year but the December one is always a big Christmas-ified event. My pitch is about 200 metres from my front door so that cuts out a lot of the stress. Forgotten something? Need to grab a drink? Sorted! And yet, I still manage to get stressed in the run up to it. I try to get myself prepared in advance so that I don't have any prep to do the day before, so I can just relax and stuff. I did that this time but I found myself, the day before, thinking, 'Argh! I need to make x and y and z!'. Because, surely, there will be customers there wanting x and y and z.  One thing that seemed vital was some relatively simple earrings with some particularly winning lampwork beads. I surveyed my stash and came across these beauties that I got some considerable time ago from Magdalena Ruiz.

I think I was hoarding them because really I wanted them for me, if I'm totally honest. Anyway, in my pre-market flap, I decided they needed to be pressed into service.  I'd just received a super little grab bag of assorted bronze lovelies from Lesley Watt, so I decide to team a pair of her charms with the lampwork.  I finished by adding some toning czech glass.

It is a pretty simple design, but I often find that those are the things that sell at craft fairs, especially when it comes to earrings. Simple or not, I really like them, and - would you believe it? - that shopper in desperate need of lampwork earrings never showed up.

So, these are now available here in my Etsy shop.  Mind you, I am quite tempted to keep them for me. Maybe it was meant to be? If they don't go this quarter......

Before I go, a quick reminder: tomorrow is the day of the monthly We're All Ears blog hop. You can read all about the challenge and how to take part here. There's still time to get some earrings made!

Anyway, all best wishes for the holiday season, and see you in 2015!


  1. I love Magdalena's beads, I've used them many times. I love what you did with them too, really beautiful!!

  2. The way you put together the beads is really beautiful and thanks for the reminder about the blog hop. I was about to forget posting my earrings for the second time

  3. Gorgeous color combination! So luscious! Perfect with Lesley's charms. And as always, your earrings are so gracefully proportioned. Lovely!

  4. Yea, I would totally keep these! Love the colors, and the bronze pieces just add a richness to it. I feel that if something doesn't sell it is meant to be for me, that is why I always make things I would want to wear, and I recently got to keep one of my favorite earrings that I made some time ago for this blog that never sold. Huzzah! Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. So pretty!! I would keep them as a Christmas gift from me to me :D Beautiful design, simple is good!
    I always do that too, stress myself out making new last minute things to put on the table at the craft fair and those things don't sell. Ugh.

  6. Beautiful colors! The charms really catch your eye too! Just lovely! Happy new year to you Claire!

  7. Fantastic color harmonies! I was sad to visit your website and found that these are already sold. Sounds like you are sad, too.

  8. Love the earrings! Beautiful color combination!