Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The New Bohemian

The new bohemian.
She is wild but not reckless.
She is strong and still vulnerable.
She is grounded and still lifts others up. 
She is PEACE.

Peace Earrings #3
Moonstone, Swarovski, Found Sea Glass, Amazonite, and handmade silver charms.

You can find these and more peace earrings at:

Happiness and Peace to all!

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  1. Those earrings are drop dead gorgeous.

  2. Wow they certainly are gorgeous!! I love all those dangles, each one different but working well together. Wonderful!!

  3. These are both gorgeous and charming! They have that gentle "light step on the earth" feeling I associate with authentic hippie culture.

  4. I love the inspiration video, and these earrings are absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! They speak to me...

  5. I LOVE these earrings! Perfect color for the silver so peaceful! The video was very inspiring. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous Cindy! The beach glass looks so good with the silver. Just breathtaking!

  7. I love the softness of these earrings. The could easily be a wear-every-day pair. The icy blue and silver would go with so many other colors. And wow! is your website spectacular.

  8. Very frosty these earrings. A lovely look for a free spirit. Enjoy the day. Erin