Friday, January 13, 2017

How long?

This week I set myself a challenge to make my longest pair of earrings yet .  These enamelled seahorse charms I'd received from Kaz Baildon a few days ago were small and thin enough for me to start building upon. 

I wire wrapped some hoops matching the seed colours to those on the charms w/o making them 'too matchy matchy' and attached the seahorse charms.

Next I added the oval brass blanks on top of the wrapped hoops followed by the filigree tubes on top.  But it didn't look right so I added the big brass rings behind the wrapped hoops and oval blanks.  The length at this point was just over 4 1/2" which is not long enough in my opinion as I've made longer earrings in the past.  Maybe I should have taken photos of each step?  Something for the next post perhaps.
I spent a long time trying to figure out ways in which I could make these longer - to no avail 😓.  I gave up however they still didn't look right.  I showed them to my husband and he also said there was something missing - there was too much brass between the wrapped hoops and filigree tubes.  I added the little red flower drops which did the trick.

So here they are, long earrings for most people I think but I failed in creating my longest pair - again something I can work on for a future post so all is not lost 😄.

These earrings are now listed on Etsy.  See you again in a couple of weeks time. 

Suhana 💜💜💖

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  1. Is that your New Year Challenge then? Looking forward to it's fruition. These are spectacular. x

  2. Definitely spectacular!!! If these aren't your longest I'm curious what your longest were? Long or short they are gorgeous!

    1. Well there's one pair on etsy that measures 6" 😁 Thanks Kristi ❤

  3. They're so pretty!! Beautiful work, Suhana!

  4. All of the above. These are spectacular! And your wrapping is perfect as always.

  5. I would say 'Better luck next time', but these are a big success, regardless of length. I like that you're seeking to make things ever longer; I struggle to keep things on the short side...

  6. i love that you have a challenge for yourself! great fun. if i wore 6" earrings they'd hang down to my bo-- chest! lol you must have a wonderfully long and graceful neck! i really look forward to see how far you can go. . . but i do love these just as they are. and your husband was right. that addition nailed it. thanks suhana!

  7. Oh I do love the self challenge. And long earrings are very nice. I get inspired to give myself that challenge now. You have really managed to combine many different form elements into a great whole. The shape of the sea horse charms is somehow also reflected again in the overall large shape. Kind of scaled up if you understand what I mean. Clever :-)

  8. Such a fun pair with great movement! I find that an easy way to make things longer is to just dangle segments of chain...kind of a cop-out, but it works :)

  9. Suhana, your earrings are spectacular fun and fabulously constructed! And beautiful to boot--hard to beat that! xoxo